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Hot Button Blog Archive: July 2009

  • Another gay marriage repeal brewing

    A group seeking to overturn Maine’s recently enacted law permitting gay marriage dumped nearly double the number of signatures needed to get their referendum on the November's off-year ballot to the Secretary of State Friday morning. Published July 31 2009

  • Kristol's retort to MoveOn.org

    The conservative Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol had a zippy retort to MoveOn.org after they used his name in an email solicitation to motivate supporters to lobby their senators to vote on health care legislation before August recess. Published July 28 2009

  • Making the cut

    "The Obama Administration has found a way to cut $100 million from the federal budget and one of the items on the chopping block is an office inside the Department of Labor that helps manage oversight of labor unions, among other things. Published July 28 2009

  • GOP lawyers oppose Sotomayor

    A national group of GOP lawyers are petitioning the Senate to oppose President Obama’s nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court on the heels of South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham’s announcement he would vote in her favor. Published July 27 2009

  • 'Waterloo' backfires

    The Democratic National Committee’s plan to rile up their liberal supporters and open their wallets for the party by making an enemy out of GOP Sen. Jim DeMint isn’t working so well. Published July 24 2009

  • Team Palin responds to leaked ethics report

    The Associated Press claims Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin will soon be found guilty of violating her state's ethics rules, citing a report leaked to their offices from the State Personnel Board on one of the 19 etthics complaints filed against her. Published July 21 2009

  • ACU chairman tries to reclaim reputation

    David Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union, is trying to reclaim his reputation after being accused in a Politico news story last week of engaging in a "pay-to-play" scandal. Published July 21 2009

  • Obama uses the bully pulpit to target DeMint

    President Obama says the fight over health care “isn’t about me” and partisan politics, but he’s using his bully pulpit to target one of his fiercest GOP critics. Published July 21 2009

  • Pork for the poor

    Is pork for the poor the sort of fatty government spending everyone is supposed to hate? The Obama Administration hopes not. Published July 20 2009

  • Palin's hairdresser accuses NYT of lying

    Don’t ever try to come between a woman and her hairdresser -- especially if that woman happens to be Gov. Sarah Palin. Published July 20 2009

  • GM pressures dealers to lobby Congress

    An arm of General Motors has asked surviving GM dealers to put in writing their opposition to bipartisan legislation that would restore franchise agreements to dealers the government issued pink slips to earlier this year, sparking accusations of “coercion” from one of the bill’s chief proponents. Published July 16 2009

  • Two more ethics complaints filed against Palin after resignation

    The ethics complaints against Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin are still rolling in after she announced she'd be stepping down from office at the end of the month. Published July 11 2009

  • One top-level GOP group undermines another

    Two candidates the National Republican Senatorial Committee has recruited for 2010 are at odds with the anti-stimulus opposition being put forth by the Republican National Committee. Published July 9 2009

  • Unions losing Democrats, but God remains on their side

    The unions may be losing Democrats in pursuit for their number one legislative priority, but they say one powerful ally remains on their side: God. Published July 8 2009

  • Another swing state Democrat backs off EFCA

    Another 2010 swing state Democrat is backtracking on a bill, coined “card check” by opponents, to make it easier for unions to organize workplaces. Published July 8 2009

  • National Park Service includes gays and lesbians in civil rights trail plans

    The National Park Service says gays and lesbians have been neglected by a lack of historic landmarks and trails to honor their struggle for equal rights, according to advance testimony to Congress. Published July 7 2009

  • Team Palin keeps door open to future politics

    Sarah Palin’s most ardent supporters are keeping the door wide open to future political ambitions, despite her abrupt resignation as Alaskan governor in the aftermath of her tumultuous bid as vice president on the GOP’s 2008 presidential ticket. Published July 7 2009