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Hot Button Blog Archive: November 2009

  • Health care bill contains work breaks for new moms

    If the Senate health care bill is passed, employers will be required to give new moms special work breaks to pump breast milk and a private area to do so for one year after giving birth. Published November 30 2009

  • RNC: Breast cancer recommendations may lead to 'rationing'

    Leaders of the Republican National Committee say revised recommendations issued by a government-funded panel that say women only need to be screened for breast cancer after the age of 50 could be the beginning of health care rationing by the government. Published November 19 2009

  • $18M to AARP in stimulus produces 500 jobs

     The $18 million the AARP received from President Obama's $787 billion stimulus package has only produced only 500 jobs to date, but is being used to train thousands. Published November 19 2009

  • Stimulus boosts D.C.-based special interests

    President Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus package has been a bonanza for D.C.-based special interest groups, like the National Council of La Raza, AARP and a fund for the Service Employees International Union. Published November 18 2009

  • Recovery.gov shows money flowing to nonexistent districts

    The government Web site that promised to show exactly where the $787 billion in stimulus spending was going to create jobs is allocating billions of tax dollars to hundreds of congressional districts that don’t exist. Published November 17 2009

  • 12 arrested at Pelosi's office

    Protests on Capitol Hill against Democratic health care expansion plans turned ugly when a dozen people were arrested in and outside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office Thursday afternoon.   Published November 5 2009

  • EFCA’s role in McDonnell’s win

    A leading anti-Employee Free Choice Act group hopes Republican Bob McDonnell’s gubernatorial win on Tuesday proves that other candidates must oppose “card check” if they want to win economy voters in the 2010 elections. Published November 3 2009

  • Fiorina is watching Boxer on cap-and-trade

    As Sen. Barbara Boxer, California Democrat, oversees the markup of her centerpiece cap-and-trade legislation Tuesday morning, it’s a sure bet that Carly Fiorina will be taking notes. Published November 3 2009

  • Scozzafava ex-spokesman speaks out

    Matt Burns, former spokesman for Dede Scozzafava’s defunct campaign, said his old boss was wrong to endorse Democrat Bill Owens in a conference call with conservative bloggers Sunday evening. Published November 1 2009