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Hot Button Blog Archive: October 2009

  • White House fumes at auto industry press over C4C

    The White House has again used its official blog to attack the media, this time with a combative post directed at an automotive outlet that posted data showing that taxpayers were on the hook for $24,000 for each car sold under the government's Cash for Clunkers program. Published October 31 2009

  • House health care bill contains menu requirements

    Tucked inside Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s 1,990-page health care reform bill that was unveiled Thursday is a requirement for chain restaurants to post caloric information on their menus. Published October 29 2009

  • Levi strikes again

    Levi Johnston repeated on CBS' "The Early Show" on Wednesday his assertion that Sarah Palin called her son Trig "retarded," prompting a firm rebuke from the former Alaska governor. Published October 28 2009

  • Michelle Obama lands Glamour cover

    First Lady Michelle Obama is officially a Glamour girl now, landing the December cover for the fashion magazine. Published October 28 2009

  • Grayson calls Fed adviser 'K Street whore'

    Rep. Alan Grayson, Florida Democrat, has a reputation for inflammatory rhetoric, but he took it even further when showing his disdain for Federal Reserve senior adviser Linda Robertson by calling her a “K Street whore” in a recent radio interview. Published October 26 2009

  • Palin endorses Hoffman over GOP candidate in N.Y.

    Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate, endorsed the Conservative Party candidate in New York’s 23rd congressional special election over the Republican candidate in the race on Thursday evening. Her action increased the race’s profile as a national test between the GOP establishment and the conservative base. Published October 22 2009

  • Armey, blogs bolster Hoffman

    Center right blogs made a coordinated effort to call on moderate Republican Dede Scozzafava to withdraw her candidacy from a three-way special election in New York, to clear the way for their favored candidate, conservative Doug Hoffman on Thursday. Published October 22 2009

  • Cheney accuses Obama of 'libel' against CIA interrogators

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney accused President Obama of committing "libel" against CIA interrogators in a wide-ranging, foreign policy speech  at the Center for Security Policy Wednesday evening. Published October 21 2009

  • GOP Senate contender expected Reid to get nasty

    An anonymous quote from a staffer for Senate Majority Harry Reid who said they would “vaporize” their GOP opponent in the 2010 race was an obvious sign how hard Nevada’s senior senator is willing to play to keep his seat. Published October 21 2009

  • Obama calls insurance reports 'bogus'

    President Obama accused the insurance industry and cable news pundits of flooding the airwaves with deceptive studies and advertisements designed to sink his favored health care reforms in his Saturday-morning address, a vehicle he often has used to float his most strident messages. Published October 18 2009

  • CNN, MSNBC admit they were wrong about Rush quote

    Two anchors at different major television networks have admitted they did not verify a highly offensive quote before attributing it to conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. Published October 16 2009

  • Deepak Chopra blames America for terrorism (again)

    Internationally renowned, best-selling author and inspirational speaker Deepak Chopra had a hard time explaining his comments about how Americans were to blame for bombings in Mumbai to the hosts of "America’s Morning News" radio show on Wednesday. Published October 14 2009

  • A new mommy tax

    When Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus proposed taxing medical devices to raise $40 billion over the next 10 years for his health care plan, opponents started digging in and looking at what would be taxed. It turned out feminine products, like tampons, were classified as class I medical devices and thus, the “tampon tax” was born. Published October 7 2009

  • FTC targets bloggers with truth-in-advertising rules

    The Federal Trade Commission has expanded truth-in-advertising rules to target bloggers who favorably review products without disclosing ties to associated businesses or advertisers. Published October 6 2009

  • 3 of 4 doctors flanking Obama at event donated to his campaign

    Not only did the four doctors who flanked President Obama at his White House press event on Monday recommend his plan; three out of four of them donated to his presidential campaign. Published October 6 2009

  • Government raises hospital fees for retired vets

    The government has unexpectedly raised rates by more than 20 percent on inpatient copays paid by retired military veterans and their families who have their health insurance provided by Veterans Affairs. Published October 5 2009

  • Rep. Shea-Porter's story refuted by NH police

    After Carol Shea-Porter, New Hampshire Democrat, was elected to Congress in 2006 she started denying she was ever hauled out of a town hall meeting in 2005 by the police. Published October 1 2009

  • GOP congressman says military leaders may resign

    Rep. Paul Ryan, a GOP congressman, said he believed U.S. military generals may soon resign if President Obama does not come up with a clear strategy to win the war in Afghanistan. Published October 1 2009