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Hot Button Blog Archive: January 2010

  • White House communications chief to treat Fox differently than ABC, NBC

    The new White House communications director, Dan Pfeiffer, shares the same views as the old director, Anita Dunn, about Fox News and why it should be treated differently than other TV news networks. Published January 19 2010

  • The 'hurry up and stall' strategy

    Democrats are hinting it will take days, if not weeks, to seat the next senator from Massachusetts, but Sen. Teddy Kennedy and Rep. Nikki Tsongas, both Bay State Democrats, were sworn in within days of winning their special elections. Published January 18 2010

  • Sen. Kirk can't vote for health care after Tuesday, argues GOP

    Although there will be at least one delay in seating Republican Scott Brown as Massachusetts senator if he wins the special election on Tuesday, Republicans say that won't buy time for the sitting appointed Democratic Sen. Paul Kirk to vote for health care legislation. Published January 17 2010

  • Former MSNBC talker Tucker Carlson calls Jeff Zucker 'inept'

    Tucker Carlson, the founder of a new news and opinion Web site and former NBC employee, said the blowback that NBC’s “inept” CEO Jeff Zucker was getting for shifting his late-night schedule was “well deserved” and indicative of other media failures. Published January 15 2010

  • OMB to count jobs funded, not 'created or saved'

    Peter Orzsag, director of the Office of Management and Budget, has made a big change in the way the Obama administration counts the jobs created or saved by the stimulus bill. Published January 11 2010

  • 3 in 10 calls to IRS expected to be ignored

    The Internal Revenue Services is warning tax filers it will only be accepting 7 in 10 phone calls this year in a report released Thursday. Published January 7 2010

  • Recovery.gov gets ZIP codes wrong, too

    Not only has the government's Web site created to track stimulus spending incorrectly allocated billions of tax dollars to "phantom" congressional districts, it's allocating money to ZIP codes that don't exist, as well. Published January 6 2010