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Belief Blog Archive: December 2007

  • 'Prayer patrols' for Baghdad

    Here's an intriguing thought: Could prayer have anything to do with the significantly improved se... Published December 29 2007

  • Benazir Bhutto, RIP

    Benazir was one of those women I've always wanted to interview. I was just waking up this morning... Published December 27 2007

  • Merry Keiskamma

    No, folks, my brain is not addled by the rain here in Seattle, which is where I spending the next... Published December 24 2007

  • Christmas at the Indian Embassy

    This is the season for embassy parties and yours truly attended yet another one last Sunday, this... Published December 20 2007

  • The Kazakhs and the Hare Krishnas

    Kazakhstan turned 16 years old on Sunday. I have more than a passing interest in the place since... Published December 17 2007

  • Chasing Archbishop Akinola

    Archbishop Peter Akinola stood solemnly on a dias, wearing a deep purple and bright red cape thre... Published December 13 2007

  • Jesus and Lucifer: Spirit brothers?

    I wasn't planning to deal with some of the more esoteric corners of Mormon doctrine today, but th... Published December 12 2007

  • Hate crime against YWAM?

    I can't add a whole lot to the wealth of news coverage coming out of Colorado on the shootings th... Published December 11 2007

  • Ugly Christmas stamps

    Yet another holiday season is here in which we spend copious amounts of time standing in post off... Published December 10 2007

  • The case of the disappearing bishop

    Episcopalians in New Mexico have a problem on their hands. Their bishop, Jeffrey Steenson, pulled... Published December 7 2007

  • 'Tis the season

    Religion stories are popping up everywhere this week. In Sacramento, there's Michael Newdow's rev... Published December 5 2007

  • All I needed to know I learned from the Lubavitche

    Today's Erev Hanukkah — the day before the start of Judaism's best-known holiday, when the... Published December 4 2007

  • Introduction to Belief Blog

    George Cornell, the late and revered religion writer for the Associated Press, did one of his bes... Published December 3 2007