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Belief Blog Archive: August 2008

  • Sarah Palin - Pentecostal

    A brief look at Sarah Palin's religious beliefs Published August 29 2008

  • Nancy Pelosi and the Catholic bishops

    Advice for the speaker of the House to consider when dealing with the leaders of her church Published August 27 2008

  • Denying Communion: Here we go again

    In a reprise of 2004, it's the bishops versus the politicians in Round 2 of who does or does not get Communion. Published August 25 2008

  • Why spill your grief on TV?

    Three months after the death of 5-year-old Maria Sue Chapman, her family appears on TV to talk about their grief. But why? Published August 22 2008

  • Gelfoam sponges needed in Kirkuk

    The ethics of allowing the residents of Kirkuk to die for the want of simple medical equipment Published August 19 2008

  • Lambeth and gays

    The world's Anglican bishops met for three weeks this summer for their once-every-10-years Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, England, and it's indicative of the low news value of that gathering that not one American newspaper sent over one of its staff writers to cover it. Published August 13 2008

  • Operation Worship

    There's been plenty of Bible-sending campaigns to the military, but this one includes a personalized note to the troops. Published August 12 2008

  • Bishops to Indian Catholics: Have more kids

    The bishops of Kerala, India, exhort their flock to have more children. Published August 5 2008