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Belief Blog Archive: December 2008

  • Narnia movie put on ice

    Disney just pulled out of making "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader," the third of a seven-part series. Published December 28 2008

  • Signing in Seattle

    Your humble blogger will be on the radio and signing her book Monday in the Emerald City. Published December 27 2008

  • God and Congress

    The Pew Forum sets out the faith leanings of the incoming 111th Congress. Published December 25 2008

  • The year's best religion stories

    President-elect Obama's tangle with his former pastor is the No. 1 story Published December 22 2008

  • Spread holiday cheer; Host a student

    There are some 624,000 international students in the United States, many of whom have no place to spend the holidays. A Charlottesville group is acting as a clearinghouse for those wishing to invite in a student for Christmas dinner who would otherwise be marooned in an empty dorm. Published December 14 2008

  • Defending the Mormons

    The Becket Fund runs an ad signed by evangelical Protestants (and one Orthodox Jew) defending Mormon participation in the fight to pass California's Proposition 8. Published December 9 2008

  • Russian Orthodox patriarch dead at 79

    Patriarch Alexiy, head of the Russian Orthodox Church, died in Moscow on Friday in his sleep. Published December 5 2008

  • A Russian church for a Saudi mosque?

    The Saudis want to build a mosque in Moscow, but the Russians want in return a church in Riyadh or Mecca. Published December 3 2008

  • Chabadniks show indomitable spirit

    Reaction inside the Chabad movement after the deaths in Mumbai of workers at the Chabad center there. Published December 2 2008