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Belief Blog Archive: February 2008

  • Jordan: A no-go zone for evangelicals

    King Abdullah of Jordan will be in town Monday, just in time to deal with the news that Jordan ha... Published February 28 2008

  • Buddhists, Philip Glass and Gandhi

    I get reams of magazines but I do try to make room for Tricycle, the glossy Buddhist review that... Published February 26 2008

  • A legacy for the president: Iraqi Christians

    Here's something for President Bush to accomplish that will be a true legacy: Instruct the U.S. m... Published February 21 2008

  • Green... Bibles?

    I get tons of press releases every day, but this one really irked me. Thomas Nelson, a mega-publi... Published February 21 2008

  • Which churches are the country's largest?

    It's always intriguing to see which churches have grown and which denominations have faded in the... Published February 18 2008

  • John Roberts vs. the Conservative Rabbis

    When is an award not an award?\ \ When a conservative Catholic Supreme Court justice meets up wit... Published February 14 2008

  • The martyred nun

    Tuesday was the second anniversary of the death of Sister Dorothy Stang, who at the age of 73 was... Published February 13 2008

  • Picking on the wrong Muslims

    Here is a note to the folks out in Hagerstown who voted last week to bar a Muslim group from buil... Published February 11 2008

  • The last prayer breakfast

    "At this final prayer breakfast as your president, I thank you for your prayers," President Bush... Published February 7 2008

  • Red, white & blue religion books

    Now that we're all taking a breather from Super Tuesday, I wanted to mention I have four new book... Published February 6 2008

  • Sex, immigration and Shrinemont

    \ \ \ OK, so we're a little late in filing some observations on last week's council meeting of th... Published February 4 2008