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Belief Blog Archive: January 2008

  • Covering the passing of Gordon Hinckley

    Other than endless mentions connected with Mitt Romney's candidacy, Mormons have stayed out of th... Published January 29 2008

  • Christian neurosurgeon: Life is about risk

    One of the more interesting gatherings going on tonight in Washington is a reception for Dr. Ben... Published January 24 2008

  • Youths are foot soldiers in pro-life movement

    I was having lunch with a Jesuit friend yesterday (a former reporter at my newspaper, in fact), w... Published January 21 2008

  • R-rated sacrilege

    At first it seemed like just another press conference on sexual abuse by Catholic priests. The in... Published January 17 2008

  • A gay saint?

    Before too much time passes, let me draw attention to the curious use of a 12th-century English s... Published January 15 2008

  • Godless Democrats?

    Released today:\ \ \ Nine evangelical leaders: some but not all from the evangelical Left, are un... Published January 10 2008

  • Preaching with an M-16

    When things get too bizarre in the world of religion, I turn to the Christian satire magazine The... Published January 9 2008

  • Do Lutherans believe in hell?

    This month's issue of The Lutheran, a magazine published by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Am... Published January 8 2008

  • The guru and Paonta Sahib

    Saturday (Jan. 5) was a date in the religious pantheon that most North Americans weren't aware of... Published January 7 2008

  • Cardinal McCarrick: World traveler

    We've been a bit silent here about the largest religious organization in town, namely the Archdio... Published January 3 2008