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Belief Blog Archive: July 2008

  • Obama, McCain yarmulkes

    A new Web site premieres distinctive political head coverings for the Jewish male. Published July 26 2008

  • The Chinese are at it again

    More on unrelenting Chinese persecution of religious folks. Published July 19 2008

  • Bishops nix Mass language

    Catholic bishops will be voting down Vatican-suggested changes in prayers associated with the Mass. Published July 11 2008

  • Black national anthem redux

    A bit of history behind "Lift Every Voice and Sing" Published July 6 2008

  • Animal experiments in med schools

    The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says there are still med schools out there traumatizing and killing animals in the name of science Published July 3 2008

  • And now the Presbyterians

    The church opened the door to gay clergy last week at the yearly meeting of its General Assemblies. Published July 1 2008