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Belief Blog Archive: June 2008

  • How Catholics think, act

    Father Thomas Reese, a senior fellow at the Woodstock Institute, reminds us of some of the unique variations concerning Catholics in the latest Pew Forum release. Published June 30 2008

  • Blacks against abortion

    Ruminations on Thursday's demonstrations on Capitol Hill Published June 27 2008

  • Sleek Sikh

    Sandeep Caberwal, a lawyer and entrepreneur, is now known for something different: modeling high-fashion mens clothing while sporting his Sikh turban; possibly the first Sikh in this country to be photographed in a fashion spread Published June 12 2008

  • Repenting of torture?

    Do Americans need to repent of their country's use of torture? No one is debating whether we're involved in it; everyone knows that we are. Published June 4 2008

  • Londonistan, here we come

    I usually like to do my own reporting for this blog, but I had to include this post from a British newspaper about two American Christian evangelists who were told they could not witness to their faith in a certain Birmingham, U.K. neighborhood because it's a "Muslim area." Published June 3 2008

  • Iceland's Lutherans

    Last month's decision by the California Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage is going to have plenty of repercussions, not the least on churches faced with requests to allow such ceremonies. For the most part, religious groups have decried such court decisions -- at least in the USA. But in Iceland, a direct flight of only a few hours from BWI Airport, things are totally different. Published June 2 2008