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Belief Blog Archive: November 2008

  • Maryland DMV: Living hell

    One blogger's unsuccessful efforts to get a Maryland driver's license resemble a visit to Down There. Published November 28 2008

  • Rick Warren - he's the man

    Rick Warren, the Baptist pastor of Saddleback Church in southern California is into more schemes - including an award presentation to President Bush for his AIDS work this coming Monday. Does this guy never run out of energy? Published November 26 2008

  • Set the record straight on crowd counts on the Mall

    When talking examples of large crowds on the Mall, no one mentions the 1997 Promise Keepers meeting - which attracted 1.2 million people. Why not? Published November 24 2008

  • Obama's faith — in his own words

    Christianity Today just reran a 2004 interview with President-elect Barack Obama that is the best yet on his faith. Published November 17 2008

  • Double-minded bishops

    Although the Catholic bishops sound like they want to go on the warpath toward any and all pro-abortion forces in society, the most outspoken of their bishops on the issue regularly lose elections to positions of honor within the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Published November 11 2008

  • More secrecy with the Catholic bishops

    When the US Conference of Catholic Bishops meets in Baltimore one week from now, more than half their time will be closed from public view, the continuation of a bad trend. Published November 3 2008