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Belief Blog Archive: May 2009

  • Kmiec vs. George - Catholics debate abortion

        Two Catholic lawyers went head to head Thursday night on whether the Obama Administration has any common ground with the pro-life movement came down on opposing sides on the goals of the new American president.    In an invitation-only forum at the National Press Club attended by more than 200 people, Doug W. Kmiec, a professor of constitutional law at Pepperdine University law school, held fast to his assertion that the Obama administration is serious about reducing abortions. Published May 29 2009

  • The reporter and the Irish priest abuse tragedy

    Although it's commendable that the Irish government finally came out with a huge study on sex abuse among Irish priests, investigative reporter Joe Rigert was on this scandal before anyone else was.   Published May 21 2009

  • Hawaii to observe 'Islam Day'

    We learn that Hawaii now has an Islam Day and that one of the country's top religion-covering newspapers has pretty much eviscerated the beat. Published May 21 2009

  • Arrests at Notre Dame

    Here is the schedule of events surrounding President Obama's Notre Dame visit on May 17: Published May 6 2009

  • Joshua and the religious hiring question

    Joshua Dubois, the head of the White House's Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships Office, ducks the specifics on how the White House is going to handle the religious hiring issue. Published May 1 2009