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Belief Blog Archive: January 2010

  • Virginia diocese admits aversion to starting new churches

    The new Episcopal bishop of Virginia, speaking Friday in Richmond, says church attendance in the nation's largest diocese is a measly 37 percent. Published January 29 2010

  • Archbishop Akinola and Nigeria agonistes

    Little has been reported about the clash of Muslims and Christians in Nigeria this month, resulting in 500 deaths. Published January 28 2010

  • A hymn for Haiti

    Although it's hard to put into words the grief flowing from that tiny island, the National Council of Churches is distributing a hymn. Published January 20 2010

  • About Pat Robertson and Haiti

    Once again, televangelist Pat Robertson's comments after a disaster get quite the reaction. Published January 13 2010

  • Leave Brit Hume alone

    The cacaphony of criticism surrounding Brit Hume's advice to Tiger Woods is beyond ridiculous. Published January 5 2010