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Bellantoni Archive: December 2007

  • Edwards staff busy readying new ad

    A birdie from the John Edwards campaign tells me that staffers for the former senator are scrambl... Published December 14 2007

  • Debate fireworks happen off stage

    Iowans got their last chance to see the six major Democratic candidates share the same stage yest... Published December 14 2007

  • Iowa: Who can chant the loudest?

    Here are a few videos from the scene outside today's Democratic debate in Iowa, the final meeting... Published December 13 2007

  • Hillary's mom makes her case

    Sen. Hillary Clinton is up with a new ad this morning, starring her mother Dorothy Rodham and fea... Published December 13 2007

  • Video: Tim Robbins stumps for Edwards

    To go with my story in today's paper about former Sen. John Edwards on the stump in Iowa, here is... Published December 13 2007

  • Obama knew rivals would cite drug use

    As you follow the tick-tock over Sen. Barack Obama's past drug use, here's one thing to consider:... Published December 12 2007

  • A former POTUS on the stump

    As some of the ice here in Iowa begins to thaw, I have a story up this morning about former Presi... Published December 12 2007

  • Kerry's birthday boost

    Sen. John Kerry got a nice birthday ego boost on a conference call with reporters today. \ \ \ Ke... Published December 11 2007

  • Clinton and RNC on same page about Obama

    At 8:21 a.m., Phil Singer of the Clinton camp e-mailed a Politico story on Sen. Barack Obama. His... Published December 11 2007

  • Winter mess forces pols to cancel Iowa events

    IOWA CITY, Iowa — The candidates themselves are enjoying the West Coast today, but the spous... Published December 11 2007

  • Lesson of the day: Patience

    It's hard to have much patience when your wake-up call is for 3:30 a.m., but that's what I needed... Published December 9 2007

  • Raw video: Iowan faints at Obama-Oprah event

    Here's some video of Sen. Barack Obama after he notices a fan in the crowd had passed out at his... Published December 8 2007

  • Oprah deems Obama "The One"

    The mikes are cooling as we type. Here's a play-by-play of Oprah's appearance, ended moments ago,... Published December 8 2007

  • Chelsea Clinton campaigning for mom

    WINTERSET, Iowa — Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton hit the campaign trail here in the... Published December 8 2007

  • Overlooking Joe Biden

    As everyone waits for the big Oprah-Obama show to start this afternoon here in Des Moines, I have... Published December 8 2007

  • Wooing Iowa's women

    Think Team Clinton is worried about Oprah hitting the Hawkeye State for Sen. Barack Obama this we... Published December 7 2007

  • Kucinich touts Sean Penn speech

    Rep. Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign wanted reporters to know that today actor-activist S... Published December 7 2007

  • Mrs. 'Fired Up' to meet Oprah

    I chatted this week with Edith Childs, also known as Mrs. "Fired Up," since she is responsible fo... Published December 6 2007

  • Hillary's morning of criticism and endorsement

    With less than a month to go until the Iowa caucuses, I have a story in this morning's paper exam... Published December 5 2007

  • And the rest

    Here's what's up with the candidates who aren't locked in a three-way race for first place in Iow... Published December 4 2007