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Bellantoni Archive: October 2007

  • Post-debate spin

    With all the 2008 spin out there today, it's no wonder I'm feeling a little dizzy.\ \ \ It all st... Published October 31 2007

  • All things alien — illegal and extraterrestr

    What do Santa Claus, Rudy Giuliani, illegal aliens and Shirley MacLaine have in common? They all... Published October 31 2007

  • Gravel to MSNBC: Let me in

    My Blackberry just buzzed with an "Urgent Message" from former Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska), who i... Published October 30 2007

  • Hope and politics

    Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign team is trying to use Sen. Barack Obama's "hope" theme against hi... Published October 30 2007

  • Poll: Hillary attracts GOP women, loses Democratic

    A top pollster for Sen. Hillary Clinton said recently the New York Democrat could win a general e... Published October 30 2007

  • Jack Carter: Frontrunners fumble, Iowa matters

    Jimmy Carter's son said today something sounds familiar when pundits declare the Democratic nomin... Published October 24 2007

  • The First Lady (hopeful) Club

    \ \ \ LONG BEACH, Calif. — The Women's Conference is over now, with many of the Californian... Published October 24 2007

  • Brown sky

    LONG BEACH, Calif. — It smells like a campfire, and not in a good way.\ \ \ As we flew into... Published October 23 2007

  • Edwards gets Northern California boost

    News from my old stomping ground today -- San Mateo County Democrats like former Sen. John Edward... Published October 22 2007

  • Granite State musings

    \ \ \ When the leaves are that color, you know politics is in the air in New Hampshire.\ \ \ Stat... Published October 22 2007

  • 'If Hillary comes to Missouri, we can write it off

    That sizzling quote came a few minutes ago from Missouri House Minority Whip Connie Johnson, a lo... Published October 19 2007

  • On Ellen and the Dems

    I had hoped to avoid writing about the Ellen DeGeneres-dog scandal. But what do you know, it affe... Published October 19 2007

  • Edwards slams Hillary for 'rural' lunch

    A Rural Americans lunch ... in Washington, D.C.?\ \ \ You got it. There will be a Rural Americans... Published October 18 2007

  • Comedian seeks White House

    Watch out, 2008 hopefuls -- the race just got a lot more crowded.\ \ \ Stephen Colbert, host of a... Published October 17 2007

  • 'Draft Gore' beats Hillary in Web traffic

    The Draft Gore group found another way to get some attention — charting their Web hits. In... Published October 16 2007

  • 'Hillary's money'

    That's the subject line from a Barack Obama e-mail this morning.\ \ \ Noting Sen. Hillary Clinton... Published October 16 2007

  • Girl power

    Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) kicked off a week of reaching out to women this morning with an app... Published October 15 2007

  • Gore leaves 2008 door wide open

    Surely former VP Al Gore and his staffers know the Draft Gore folks were looking to him for hints... Published October 12 2007

  • Hillary's spending, Kucinich in Esquire

    Sorry for the light blogging today - I was working on this story about how Iowa's caucus is anyon... Published October 11 2007

  • Fans to Gore: "Your country needs you now."

    My inbox is getting flooded with news from Al Gore fans who are trying to draft him to run for pr... Published October 10 2007