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Bellantoni Archive: October 2007

  • Edwards on Iraq: I apologized, Hillary didn't

    Continuing his aggressive attacks on Sen. Hillary Clinton, former Sen. John Edwards this morning... Published October 10 2007

  • Bizarre quote of the day

    "Are there donuts in it?"\ -- Some staffer not using a mute button before the Hillary Clinton cam... Published October 9 2007

  • Hilldizzle in the White House

    Hollywood's Rob Reiner stars in the latest Hillary Clinton Web video, directing her volunteers to... Published October 9 2007

  • More on Gore

    I wanted to post a few updates to my story on former VP Al Gore from today's print edition. The s... Published October 8 2007

  • Bipartisan Iraq plan

    Two senators seeking the presidency are tossing party labels aside for a joint Iowa press confere... Published October 8 2007

  • Elizabeth Edwards 'disappointed' in Kerry

    Elizabeth Edwards had some harsh words today for her husband's 2004 running mate.\ \ \ Mrs. Edwar... Published October 4 2007

  • Christina's saved stuff - don't publish

    \ -- Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times \ \ JOIN A BREAST C... Published October 4 2007

  • Hillary: I'll never back down

    Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) this morning put a new ad on Iowa and New Hampshire television keyi... Published October 4 2007

  • Quotables

    Two Democratic White House hopefuls get the quotable distinction tonight, both from the Congressi... Published October 3 2007

  • Dr. Dean speaks

    It's no surprise that Howard Dean, who is a medical doctor, would sign his notes with M.D.\ \ \ D... Published October 3 2007

  • Poll roundup

    A lot of polls to talk about this morning.\ \ \ Cable television is buzzing about this one, which... Published October 3 2007

  • Clinton $ 'through the roof'

    Sen. Hillary Clinton surprised everybody this morning by announcing a whopper of a third quarter... Published October 2 2007

  • What's up?

    Got your attention, didn't I?\ \ \ That headline is just one of dozens of over-friendly subject l... Published October 1 2007