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Bellantoni Archive: February 2008

  • CNN calls Virginia for Obama

    About 60 seconds after the polls closed, CNN projected Sen. Barack Obama will win the Old Dominio... Published February 12 2008

  • Clinton to Bush: No torture

    Hillary Clinton's Senate office put out a letter she wrote to President Bush about torture right... Published February 12 2008

  • Nasty NoVa roads

    Polls are open until 7 p.m. in Virginia, but voters may have a hard time getting there tonight.\ ... Published February 12 2008

  • Norton backs Obama, says super delegates shouldn't

    Sen. Barack Obama late last night picked up an endorsement from D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Nort... Published February 12 2008

  • "Put it on your Facebook"

    \ \ \ COLLEGE PARK, Md. — Sen. Barack Obama is preaching to the choir here today. The arena... Published February 11 2008

  • Isn't it romantic? RNC makes Obama, Clinton valent

    \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ Sen. Hillary Clinton may have sent out campaign Mother's Day cards, but the R... Published February 11 2008

  • After the Potomac primary

    As the Potomac region votes tomorrow, the candidates look ahead to the next contests. What's tell... Published February 11 2008

  • BREAKING: Clinton replaces campaign manager

    Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle stepped down today and will be replaced... Published February 10 2008

  • Quotable

    RICHMOND, Va. — Here are some of the most notable quotes from the evening so far.\ \ \ "Hav... Published February 9 2008

  • Saturday results, and the response

    RICHMOND, Va. — Sen. Barack Obama so far has won the caucuses today in both Nebraska and Wa... Published February 9 2008

  • Obama team says he's best against McCain

    Team Obama seems thrilled with some new polling numbers showing Sen. Barack Obama as the candidat... Published February 8 2008

  • "Our biggest month" — $7.5 million

    Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman and finance committee top dog Terry McAuliffe announced... Published February 7 2008

  • Clinton's $4 million day

    As I previewed earlier, the Clinton campaign exceeded its $3 million in 3 days goal, raising $4 m... Published February 7 2008

  • No money troubles here

    \ \ \ Team Obama jumped all over reports that Sen. Hillary Clinton loaned herself $5 million and... Published February 7 2008

  • Clinton: Let's raise $3M in 3 days

    \ \ \ \ As rumors swirl about Bill and Hillary Clinton loaning her campaign cash to help her comp... Published February 6 2008

  • Morning spin

    Following on the Super Tuesday results, the Clinton and Obama campaigns are already spinning up w... Published February 6 2008

  • On to the Potomac Primary

    As everyone ponders the meaning (and delegate counts) from Super Tuesday, the candidates are movi... Published February 6 2008

  • Polls to stay open late in Berkeley

    KRON-TV (Channel 4) in the Bay Area is reporting that a judge ordered polls to stay open an hour... Published February 5 2008

  • Clinton already thanking fans

    Sen. Hillary Clinton sends an e-mail to supporters:\ \ \ \ From Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Arkansas... Published February 5 2008

  • Polling place problems in California

    NBC-11 based in San Jose is reporting problems at polling places in the Bay Area.\ \ \ The local... Published February 5 2008