The Washington Times - June 18, 2008, 11:24AM

Are the current First Lady and the FLOTUS hopeful pen pals?



Michelle Obama, currently co-hosting “The View” on ABC and wearing a dress from trendy White House Black Market, just told the ladies that she sent a letter of appreciation to Laura Bush when the first lady came to her defense over comments about her pride in the United States.


“i was touched by it,” Obama said when the ladies discussed how the first lady said the media was blowing the “proud” comments out of proportion.


“That’s what I like about Laura Bush - [she takes] a calm, rational approach to those issues,” she added.


Obama said she didn’t want to talk about the note because “She might not have it yet,” but grinned when saying she’d addressed the letter to “Dear Madame First Lady.”


What’s interesting is the ladies on The View showed a clip of the remark that was not the clip that sparked the furor. Obama said a version of the phrase twice that day. Here’s a clip comparing the two remarks:


The View showed the second clip, with the phrase “really proud,” and portrayed the remark as if anyone who cited the first speech was twisting Obama’s words.


“I am proud of my country, without a doubt,” Obama said today.


She also was asked if Sen. Hillary Clinton experienced sexism during the campaign, and she said there were elements of that present in the media.


“People aren’t used to strong women,” she said, adopting Clinton’s own line about her run creating “18 million cracks” on the glass ceiling.


“We need to keep pushing it and pushing … [and sometimes] take the risks and its paniful and it’s hurtful,” she said.


Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter,
The Washington Times