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Bellantoni Archive: January 2009

  • Obama to open White House to guests

    Inaugural team says people who sign up could get a chance to be there on Day One. Published January 16 2009

  • Mrs. 'Fired Up' coming to Washington

    S.C. woman responsible for Obama's campaign chant invited to the inauguration. Published January 15 2009

  • Dean bids farewell to Dems

    DNC chairman lauds his replacement, Tim Kaine, as someone who will continue his own work. Published January 14 2009

  • Obama: Call me Barack

    President-elect waves at reporters, tells senators they can still call him Barack - for now. Published January 13 2009

  • Will Obama's weather luck hold?

    This just in: 10-day inauguration forecast calls for sunny skies, 38 degree temperatures. Published January 12 2009

  • Obama visits Lincoln

    President-elect takes his family to the Lincoln Memorial during first weekend in Washington. Published January 10 2009

  • Ask Tim Kaine

    President-elect Obama e-mails Democrats to say his new DNC chairman will take questions. Published January 9 2009

  • (False) rumors spread fast

    Starbucks customers buzz as buildings near Obama transition office evacuated in false alarm. Published January 7 2009