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Billups Archive: September 2007

  • Places we eat in America

    The Annotated Friday Food Blog\ \ \ Bon appetit, foodies. We offer to you, a gift from us, a list... Published September 28 2007

  • Franken devotees: Reveal yourselves

    Forbes has named America's Top 10 most influential pundits, and not one of them is from conservat... Published September 26 2007

  • A shoutout to Bollinger

    Hey, what about that Lee Bollinger, the prez of Columbia University, giving that sicko Ahmadineja... Published September 25 2007

  • Bubba back in the HOUSE, baby!

    Over the weekend, one of our trusted Miss Andrea winged monkeys leaked us a copy of Bill Clinton'... Published September 22 2007

  • Darth, Dennis Miller and Doctor Detroit

    So Mrs. Clinton calls our Big Daddy Dick Cheney Darth Vader? Like that's a bad thing? He should t... Published September 20 2007

  • Open letter to Jesse Jackson

    Ooooo ... wehavebeenwaitingonthisoneforfreakinEVER ... \ \ \ Dear Mister Jesse Jackson:\ \ \ With... Published September 19 2007

  • Don't tase me, bro!

    We are in a post-birthday funk and hardly anything is interesting us midweek. Perhaps we have jus... Published September 19 2007

  • The audiotape may be OJ's downfall ...

    Totally must-read reading: the Rich Karlgaard columns in Forbes. Genius. The one comparing Michig... Published September 18 2007

  • The universe is keeping score, and so is Miss Andr

    Wow ... it seems we touched a nerve on Friday with readers around the nation, so to be magnanimou... Published September 17 2007

  • Them Ron Paul people

    We have been doing a little political research ... of the kind we do best: anecdotal. To wit, we... Published September 14 2007

  • Poets, pirates and Harry Dean Stanton

    We were bemused yesterday when we saw a promo on the CNN Web site that said: "While politicians a... Published September 13 2007

  • Back to business

    Yesterday was most somber ... but today, after a few Xanax coladas, we are straight back to nasty... Published September 12 2007

  • Open letter to Bin Laden and company

    RIP to the 2,996 who perished on September 11, 2001.\ \ \ GRACE to friends and family of the dead... Published September 11 2007

  • Monday musings

    We bought two pairs of corduroys this weekend to help us get into the fall spirit, but so far it... Published September 10 2007

  • Freaky Fashion Friday

    It's almost the weekend. Do you know where your Louboutins are?\ \ \ We were driving the family B... Published September 7 2007

  • Does bin Laden or doesn't bin Laden?

    So, Osama has a dye job? Well, now. It must have been rough to get a box of that Grecian Formula... Published September 7 2007

  • So easy a presidential candidate could do it

    The Thompson presidential announcement on Leno was OK. Not dreadful, at times thoughtful. But we... Published September 6 2007


    ... Alert the hounds.\ \ \ Memo to all hotel desk clerks in the city: Hide any and all front desk... Published September 6 2007

  • Random musings in no particular order ...

    And so Fred Thompson is hitting the gym to get ready for the campaign trail, we hear. \ \ \ While... Published September 6 2007