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Chatter Archive: June 2007

  • PNC: Ballpark perfection

    Greetings from gorgeous PNC Park in Pittsburgh, the best ballpark in the majors (in my humble est... Published June 29 2007

  • Good from a loss?

    So, as I kind of raised in this morning's game story, last night's 4-1 loss to the Braves could a... Published June 26 2007

  • Guzman out for season, Hill OK

    Discouraging news here from Atlanta: Shortstop Cristian Guzman had surgery today in Washington to... Published June 25 2007

  • What happened?

    Let's see, the last time I wrote about the Nats, they were coming off a solid win over the Indian... Published June 25 2007

  • Solid decision by the BBWAA

    Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder buying Dick Clark Productions should have sent a shiver thro... Published June 23 2007

  • Minimal magic from midstream

    It took a while before the managerial carousel took a spin this year, but the first skipper eject... Published June 22 2007

  • 'Day of reckoning' talk is premature

    The D.C. Council's staunchest ballpark opponent today warned the city was at risk of blowing thro... Published June 21 2007

  • Let's hope this Dukes thing doesn't happen

    I hope the Washington Nationals are not serious about acquiring Elijah Dukes, the troubled Tampa... Published June 21 2007

  • Loverro on the radio

    Thom Loverro will be on The Sports Reporters today (Thursday) from 5 to 7 p.m., talking about th... Published June 21 2007

  • Live Chat Postponed

    To those of you who are/were looking for today's 2 p.m. live chat, technical difficulties have fo... Published June 20 2007

  • Even more roster moves

    ***Weekly programming note: Live chat today, back to our regular 2 p.m. starting time. Send your... Published June 20 2007

  • Roster moves galore

    You know, I was just thinking the other day that the Nationals have gone an incredibly long time... Published June 19 2007

  • It's another scorcher

    Man, it is hot in this town right now. Guess summer has officially arrived and won't be going awa... Published June 19 2007

  • A lotta heart

    You know, if Dmitri Young had driven in the winning runs on Monday in the Nationals' 9-8 near-com... Published June 19 2007

  • Reviewing Rogers

    I'm on a bit of a tight schedule today, trying to cover a ballgame and still make my 7:15 p.m. fl... Published June 17 2007

  • Watson ties mark

    Just in from Ottawa: Class AAA Columbus outfielder Brandon Watson doubled to left in his second a... Published June 16 2007

  • Greetings, eh?

    Hello from north of the border. We're coming at you live from the Skydome, er, Rogers Centre in d... Published June 15 2007

  • Covering the bases

    First, an important programming note: Today's live chat will start at 2:30, 30 minutes later than... Published June 13 2007

  • Beautiful day in Minnesota

    What a lovely day here in the Twin Cities. Blue skies, temperatures in the low 80s, a light breez... Published June 9 2007

  • With the No. 6 pick, the Nats select...

    ... left-hander Ross Detwiler of Missouri State.\ \ \ Yes, they went with pitching in the end, a... Published June 7 2007