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Chatter Archive: April 2009

  • Death by walks

    The Nats issue 11 free passes in a 9-4 loss to the Cardinals, leaving Manny Acta exasperated. Published April 30 2009

  • Thru 6: Nats take 4-3 lead.

    Daniel Cabrera has somehow managed to pitch six fairly effective innings, and a pair of two-out hits in the sixth has given Washington the lead. Published April 30 2009

  • Thru 3: Typical Cabrera

    Daniel Cabrera is, per usual, all over the place so far. On the bright side, Ryan Zimmerman hit a homer in the first to extend his hitting streak to 19 games. Published April 30 2009

  • Out of the East at last

    The St. Louis Cardinals are in town, and the Nats couldn't be happier to be done with their division for a while. Published April 30 2009

  • An uneventful ninth: Nats win 4-1

    Well, one late-inning lead into the closer-by-committee plan, the Nationals came out with a win. Published April 29 2009

  • Thru 6: Nats up two

    The Nationals finally put together the string of hits we were wondering about three innings ago, and now they take a 3-1 lead into the seventh inning. Published April 29 2009

  • Thru 3: Nats tied 1-1

    The Nationals look more competitive in this one than they did last night, but where that will get them remains to be seen. Published April 29 2009

  • Nats acquire Kensing from Marlins

    Desperate for a proven arm to shore up their battered bullpen, the Nationals made a trade this afternoon to acquire right-hander Logan Kensing from the Florida Marlins for Kyle Gunderson, a 48th-round pick in 2007. Published April 29 2009

  • Thru 6: Nats still trail

    Manny Acta keeps talking about the blown leads by his bullpen being deflating, and maybe this is a side effect of that. Published April 28 2009

  • One other piece of news

    Forgot to post this earlier: Both Wil Ledezma and Steven Shell cleared waivers this week; Ledezma has accepted his assignment to Class AAA Syracuse, while Shell opted to become a free agent. Published April 28 2009

  • Thru 3: Nats down 5-0

    Doesn't look like we're going to get the first look at the Nats' new late-inning relief plan tonight, at least not by the way the first three innings have gone. Published April 28 2009

  • Closer-by-committee for Nats

    After Garrett Mock and Joel Hanrahan combined to blow a four-run lead in the eighth inning of a 13-11 loss to the Phillies last night, manager Manny Acta said today the Nationals will use a closer-by-committee approach, putting Hanrahan in lower-pressure situations until he gets his confidence back. Published April 28 2009

  • Tuesday lineups

    Here are the lineups for tonight's Nats-Phillies game: Published April 28 2009

  • Bullpen meltdown costs Nats in 13-11 loss

    Out of pure sympathy for you Nats fans who watched this one to the end, there's part of me that thinks it's just cruel to rehash it. But that wouldn't be journalistically responsible, so here you go. Published April 28 2009

  • Thru 6: The slugfest continues

    As many runs as the Nationals put up early in the game, it only felt like a matter of time before the Phillies got close. This feels like a basketball game, where you know each team is going to go on a run. The Phillies had theirs in the fifth. Published April 27 2009

  • Thru 3: Bombs away

    It's a warm night in Citizens Bank Park, everybody's favorite launching pad east of the Rocky Mountains. That combination means balls could be flying out of here all night. Published April 27 2009

  • A little news from Philly

    We're in Philadelphia for the next three days, as the Nationals make their first trip of the year to visit the world champions. A ltitle news as we get started: Published April 27 2009

  • Nats win 8-1

    Plenty to like about this one for the Nationals. They went 5-for-12 with runners in scoring position, drove in four runs with two outs, allowed no runs from the one error they made and got another impressive start from Jordan Zimmermann. Published April 26 2009

  • Thru 6: Another impressive day for Zimmermann

    Apologies for the lack of blog posts today--my web browser isn't getting along with our website today--but the first in-game post would've said the same thing as this one: Jordan Zimmermann is really good. Published April 26 2009

  • Nats lose 8-2

    Pretty ugly loss here today. The Nationals got down early, took their starter out before the end of the third inning and never really mounted much of a rally on Mets starter Mike Pelfrey. Published April 25 2009