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Chatter Archive: February 2009

  • The Bowden investigation

    A new report on SI.com reveals a few more details, further drawing negative attention to the Nats and their beleaguered GM. Published February 23 2009

  • What's the player's correct name?

    It's Carlos David Alvarez Lugo, at least as far as the Nationals are concerned. Published February 22 2009

  • Bowden talks

    Nats GM speaks for the first time at spring training but doesn't discuss the Esmailyn Gonzalez scandal. Published February 22 2009

  • Sunday morning in Viera

    Spring rotation set, Odalis not here, Sosa on his way. Published February 22 2009

  • Rijo takes leave of absence [updated]

    Nats special assistant leaves club while investigation of Gonzalez fraud continues. Published February 21 2009

  • Bowden here but silent

    Nats GM arrives at camp, watches workout, declines to speak. Published February 21 2009

  • Thoughts from Zim

    The recently signed third baseman has returned to camp and talks about the Nats' offseason improvements and his reasons for wanting to sign a long-term deal. Published February 21 2009

  • Zim and a long-term deal

    The Nats want to sign Ryan Zimmerman to a multi-year contract now, but is this the right time for him to do it? Published February 20 2009

  • More on Alvarez/Gonzalez

    Just got off the phone with Carlos Alvarez's agent, Stanley King, who said he talked to the former Esmailyn Gonzalez again last night. Published February 20 2009

  • Looking at Nats payroll

    With Zimmerman signed, total team payroll for 2009 will be about $57 million. Published February 20 2009

  • Zimmerman signs for $3.325 million

    Nats third baseman avoids arbitration with one-year deal. Published February 20 2009

  • Two more Nats sign

    Milledge, Bergmann now under contract. Only Zimmerman's left unsigned. Published February 19 2009

  • Gonzalez, O'Connor, Hernandez come to terms

    Three more Nats have agreed to terms on 2009 contracts. Published February 19 2009

  • Meet the new Ocho Cinco

    Milledge gives up #44 to Dunn, takes #85 instead. Published February 19 2009

  • Quiet day ahead, or more chaos?

    Will today be about baseball and nothing more, or will another major story emerge out of Nats camp? Published February 19 2009

  • Kasten weighs in on prospect 'fraud'

    Stan Kasten speaks on the Esmailyn Gonzalez controversy Published February 18 2009

  • Dunn, Belliard, Dmitri

    We interrupt today's Smiley Gonzalez saga to bring you some other tidbits from Nats camp... Published February 18 2009

  • Willingham signs before arbitration hearing

    Josh Willingham and the Washington Nationals avoided arbitration by a few minutes. Published February 18 2009

  • More on Smiley

    Stan Kasten will hold a conference call with reporters this afternoon. All other Nats employees have been instructed not to discuss the matter. Published February 18 2009

  • What's news and what isn't news?

    There's no controversy with Ryan Zimmerman. There is, however, with Esmailyn Gonzalez. Published February 18 2009