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Chatter Archive: June 2009

  • Break out the brooms?

    The Nats are gunning for their first series sweep of the season today against Toronto. Published June 21 2009

  • Harris again proves his worth

    Ross Detwiler has the best start of his short career, and Willie Harris saves the day in the 12th. Published June 20 2009

  • For once, missed chances don't cost Nats

    Washington got its first extra-inning win of the year, with Adam Dunn pulling a pitch inside the right-field line in the 11th for the game-winning hit. Published June 19 2009

  • Thru 6: Tied 1-1

    Jordan Zimmermann won't get his elusive third career win tonight. Published June 19 2009

  • Thru 3: Scoreless

    Neither Jordan Zimmermann nor Brian Tallet has allowed a run yet at Nationals Park. Published June 19 2009

  • New-look outfield?

    Should Manny Acta start putting together a lineup based more on defensive skills than offensive muscle? Published June 19 2009

  • Flying home, flying high

    The Nationals left Yankee Stadium last night about six hours later than they were planning to, but you won't find anyone in the clubhouse who would say it wasn't worth the wait. Washington's series win over the Yankees will probably stand as one of the biggest accomplishments of the season. Published June 19 2009

  • Thru 6: Nats lead 3-0

    Not everything has gone right for the Nationals in the first six innings here, but it's pretty close. They're up 3-0 heading into the seventh, looking at a possible series win over the Yankees. Published June 18 2009

  • Thru 3: Leading again

    By this time tonight, the Nationals expected to be on a charter flight back to Washington. Instead, they're three innings into a game against the Yankees following a five-hour and 26-minute rain delay, leading New York 1-0. Published June 18 2009

  • 4 p.m. start predicted

    The rain is lightening up, the grounds crew is sweeping water off the field and we could have baseball at Yankee Stadium by 4 p.m. Published June 18 2009

  • Some thoughts on a rainy day

    Last night's 3-2 win over the Yankees was an "emotional" victory, as Manny Acta said again this morning. It might also offer some clues about how players are still responding to the manager. Published June 18 2009

  • Nats beat Yankees 3-2

    This was as close to a playoff-type game as the Nationals will see this year, unless they get the chance to be a pennant race pothole in September. Published June 17 2009

  • Thru 6: Holding on to a lead

    Everything's been going right for the Nats so far tonight, and they lead 3-1. Published June 17 2009

  • Nats trade O'Connor

    Needing to clear space in their Class AAA Syracuse rotation for the return of Matt Chico from elbow surgery, the Nationals on Tuesday night traded left-hander Mike O'Connor. Published June 17 2009

  • Nats lose 5-3

    Heading into the bottom of the seventh, the Nationals were leading 3-2 at Yankee Stadium. That's exactly the precipice where they seem to fall off every time. And they did again tonight, thanks to a couple of rocket doubles Elijah Dukes couldn't catch. Published June 16 2009

  • Thru 6: Nats lead 3-2 (huh?)

    Still plenty of time left for something becoming of either the Nats or Yankees to happen, but Washington leads 3-2 after six thanks to some big hits and a nice outing from Shairon Martis. Published June 16 2009

  • Updates: On Manny, on the game

    Here's an update on "the Manny situation," as Mike Rizzo called it today, and the game so far: Published June 16 2009

  • From the airport

    The Nationals are staying quiet on the fate of manager Manny Acta. Published June 15 2009

  • Thru 6: Tied at 4

    Ross Detwiler has been walking batters for much of the afternoon, and finally got himself in trouble for it in the sixth inning. Published June 14 2009

  • Thru 3 1/2: We've seen this before

    For the third day in a row, the Nationals are out to an early lead against the Rays, with a young pitcher (Ross Detwiler) holding the majors' highest-scoring offense down. We'll see if it lasts. Published June 14 2009