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Chatter Archive: May 2009

  • Zimmerman streak at 24

    Nats third baseman singles in the first inning, extending his hit streak. Published May 6 2009

  • Now pitching for the Nats: Owen Wilson?

    A film crew is here at Dodger Stadium tonight preparing for a movie about a Nats relief pitcher. Published May 6 2009

  • Hello from La-La Land

    After one of the loonier ballgames (or partial ballgames) you're ever going to see yesterday, it's perhaps appropriate that the Nats are now in La-La Land, ready to open a two-game series against the Dodgers. Published May 6 2009

  • What the rainout means

    The Nationals and Astros suspended play in the 11th inning with the score tied at 10 this afternoon. This is a game the Nationals should have won before it ever got that far, and we'll get to that in a moment. But first, the implications of the rainout: Published May 5 2009

  • 11th inning rain delay

    Just when you thought this game couldn't get any weirder, now we're in a rain delay with the game tied at 10 in the bottom of the 11th. The Nationals have Elijah Dukes on first base. Published May 5 2009

  • Thru 6: Walking their way to the lead

    The Nationals were down 5-2 going into the sixth inning. Now, almost solely through the generosity of Houston's pitchers, they lead 8-5. Published May 5 2009

  • Thru 3: Nats down 1-0

    We're humming right along here in the finale of the two-game series between the Astros and the Nationals. Washington trails 1-0, the difference being a pair of doubles from Miguel Tejadad and Ivan Rodriguez off Scott Olsen in the second inning. Published May 5 2009

  • Zim: Hottest hitter in MLB

    Ryan Zimmerman extended his hit streak to 22 games tonight with a 4-for-4 effort that inspired the rest of his teammates to chip in. Published May 5 2009

  • Thru 6: Nats storm back to take lead

    Down 4-0 in the fifth, the Nats have rallied to take a 7-4 lead behind some clutch hits. Published May 4 2009

  • Thru 3: Nats trail 1-0

    A couple of fielding gaffes lead to a first-inning run for Houston, while the Nats have already squandered a couple of scoring opportunities. Published May 4 2009

  • Rain stops, tarp's off

    They're getting the field ready. Looks like there will be baseball tonight. Or at least an attempt to play baseball. Published May 4 2009

  • Your daily weather update

    The Nats are scheduled to play at home tonight. You know what that means: Rain! Published May 4 2009

  • Nats-Cards rained out [updated]

    Today's game has been postponed. No makeup date announced. Published May 3 2009

  • Rain delay update

    The tarp is back on the infield, and there's more rain coming. Doesn't sound good. Published May 3 2009

  • Nats sign reliever MacDougal

    It's currently raining, and it's supposed to keep raining, but the Nats think they might be able to get this one going after a short delay. Meanwhile, they've signed another journeyman reliever, inking Mike MacDougal to a minor-league deal. Published May 3 2009

  • Martis: "Today was my day"

    Rookie right-hander tossed the Nats' best game in perhaps three years, a complete-game, five-hitter in a 6-1 win over the Cardinals. Published May 2 2009

  • Thru 6: Nats up 4-0

    Adam Dunn crushes a three-run homer and Shairon Martis continues to cruise. Published May 2 2009

  • Thru 3: Nats squander chance

    Shairon Martis is perfect through three, but the Nats wasted a golden opportunity to give the rookie right-hander a lead. Published May 2 2009

  • Late-arriving Belliard benched

    Ronnie Belliard was supposed to be in the Nats' lineup today, but he was benched after arriving late to the ballpark. Published May 2 2009

  • Nats lose 6-2

    This was Jordan Zimmermann's worst result as a major-league pitcher, but that was probably as much a reflection on the hitters he was facing as the night he had. Published May 1 2009