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City State Archive: June 2011

  • George Allen signs 'Contract from America'

    George Allen made another move Tuesday in his effort to saddle himself to the Tea Party and ride to victory in next year's U.S. Senate race. Published June 7 2011

  • Cheh dons shades

    Council Member Mary M. Cheh provided a dose of humor on Tuesday between a contentious vote on ward redistricting and closed-door meeting on a fellow member's legal troubles. Published June 7 2011

  • New Hampshire resolutions supports D.C. statehood

    A New Hampshire state representative has introduced a resolution into that state's legislature championing full statehood for the District, D.C. Council member David A. Catania announced in an afternoon press release. Published June 7 2011

  • Morning Roundup: June 7

    Sulaimon Brown finally testifies before D.C. council, but says little; D.C. attorney files $1 suit against Council member Harry Thomas; D.C. office held without bond in alleged fatal shooting; Police shoot man in Hains Point; Gov. McDonnell joins actor Bridges in promoting to programs to feed needy Virginia children. Published June 7 2011

  • Sen. Warner's website is debt serious

    Visit Virginia Sen. Mark Warner's website and you'll be greeted by three numbers that display U.S. debt growth in real time. With numbers changing by the second, the new feature shows the U.S. debt ($14.3 trillion), U.S. debt per citizen ($46,067) and the U.S. population (311.4 million). Published June 6 2011

  • Morning Roundup: June 6

    Sulaimon Brown to testify before D.C. Council; D.C. Attorney General releases findings in Team Thomas probe; Arrest made in D.C. weekend shooting; Fatal stabbing in Centreville; Md.'s fy'12 budget increase among biggest for states; Willard hosts Cinderella Ball; Kwame Brown, 'fully loaded' Navigators back in news; D.C. police officer charge with murder Published June 6 2011

  • Sulaimon, Cherita: public witnesses

    The D.C. Council Committee on Government Operations and the Environment released its witness list for Monday's hearing on Mayor Vincent C. Gray's personnel practices. Published June 3 2011

  • FOP responds to Lanier comments on discipline

    Kristopher Baumann, chairman of the FOP bargaining unit that represents MPD officers, disputes Chief Cathy L. Lanier's assertion that "discipline is down" during her tenure and presents some numbers to make his case. Published June 3 2011

  • Morning Roundup: June 3

    More Navigatorgate FOIAs, DYRS nominee in peril, juvenile escapees caught, MoCo Council versus cops, (Another) PG developer busted, Alen remains faithful, Bumpy rides for Metro, Bridge tolls increased, no charges in DC9 death Published June 3 2011

  • Lanier elaborates on police discipline complaints

    Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier on WTOP Radio's "Ask the Chief" program Thursday comments on a story in Monday's editions of The Washington Times on complaints by male command staff members of receiving harsher discipline than their female counterparts. Published June 2 2011

  • Morning Roundup: June 2

    Dad of prime suspect in AU murder case proclaims son's innocence; Overzealous enforcement of zero-tolerance policies in high schools could lead to changes; No alcohol breath-test program for D.C. until next spring; Stanley has rocky confirmation hearing for top DYRS job; Md. transit boss to apologize in photo flap; LaHood gives Dulles Metrorail players a month to settle differences Published June 2 2011

  • Former fed agent, GOP enters MD 2012 Senate race

    A former Secret Service agent said Tuesday he plans to run for one of Maryland's two seats in the U.S. Senate. Published June 1 2011

  • Morning Roundup: June 1

    LaHood trying to settle Dulles Metrorail dispute; Entrepreneurs make pitches to grow, sell medical marijuana in D.C.; Dream Act opponents submit first batch of petitions; Examiner: Gandhi's 'got to go'; ACLU getting involved in police banning photos of trains; Judge orders Sulaimon Brown to testify before D.C. Council Published June 1 2011