The Washington Times - August 17, 2009, 03:17PM

On Saturday, August 22 at  1 P.M. Charles V. Mauro discusses and signs his new book, A Southern Spy in Northern Virginia: The Civil War Album of Laura Ratcliffe, at Barnes & Noble, Westgate Plaza, 8117 Sudley Rd., Manassas, Va., 703-393-0910.


Many local civil war enthusiasts will recall Chuck Mauro as the man who produced and directed a civil war related movie a year or so ago, with sufficient private showings at Loehman’s Plaza that additional dates had to be secured due to the crowds.  He is now signing his book about Laura Ratcliffe at Barnes and Noble.

Ratcliffe’s story, while fairly well known, has been pushed into the limelight by a lady who bought the home where she lived briefly after her marriage and long after she could possibly have been leaving or receiving messages from any Confederate general. In fact it was the husband who bought the home for her.  The actual home where she did live during the War era is located several miles away, no longer exists, and the “Mosby Rock” as it was then called, probably doesn’t exist any more either. But old legends die hard, and apparently Mauro has gone into sufficient history and factual matters to turn the tale into a book.  Readers will be delighted to learn more about this lady and her activities.