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D1SCOURSE Archive: August 2007

  • QB update, or lack thereof

    Another day went by without an announcement of Maryland's starting quarterback.\ \ \ "I haven't f... Published August 20 2007

  • Getting some kicks

    \ I mentioned the special teams in the last post, and wanted to revisit Ralph Friedgen's semi-ano... Published August 20 2007

  • Rise and shine

    Morning football practices -- and there's only one of them left, which can't be good for business... Published August 20 2007

  • Hitting the links, Sunday edition

    Taking a cruise around the ACC. ...\ \ * Someone gave a 25th-place vote to N.C. State in the AP f... Published August 19 2007

  • Still no word at QB

    First there was the stated aim of having a starting quarterback named shortly into camp. Then the... Published August 19 2007

  • BBQ, an early Navy kickoff and a sneak peak at QB

    The sound of football pads popping and the smell of grills smoking -- it is hard to come up with... Published August 18 2007

  • Numbers game

    Was perusing the Maryland basketball prospectus I picked up in the office the other day and came... Published August 18 2007

  • Scrimmage this evening

    The identity of Maryland's starting quarterback could very well be known by day's end.\ \ Well, o... Published August 18 2007

  • Portis for sale?

    There aren't many students on campus right now, but the University Book Center is still open to s... Published August 17 2007

  • Re-appearing act

    I had a feeling I'd have a barb coming my way when I entered Ralph Friedgen's office this morning... Published August 17 2007

  • Off to the fair

    If you think the only interesting people in a football program are coaches and players, you're mi... Published August 17 2007

  • Chilling in the Union

    Just waiting out another football practice in the Stamp Student Union at Maryland. Sitting nearby... Published August 17 2007

  • Wanderings on Wujciak

    The loss of Alex Wujciak, a potential impact player on Maryland's defense, to a knee injury got m... Published August 16 2007

  • Make no Mystake - It's a Dicey Situation

    Greetings from Verizon Center, where a nasty case of shortstaffitis has left me covering the Wash... Published August 16 2007

  • The hornet's nest

    Sometimes when you walk into a football team house, you feel like you're entering a hive of some... Published August 16 2007

  • Look Who's Stalking

    I know this happened a couple days ago, but just wanted to point out the bizarre dismissal of Flo... Published August 16 2007

  • Early dose of basketball

    Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the ACC will be releasing its basketball schedule this week.... Published August 16 2007

  • Mosley commits

    Shooting guard Sean Mosley committed to Maryland yesterday, giving the Terrapins their second com... Published August 15 2007

  • Surgery, My Dear Watson

    As promised, an update on the first surgery of the 2007 football season in College Park. Someone... Published August 15 2007

  • Running back roulette

    Ah, injuries, Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen's timeless bugaboo. It took a week and a half of prac... Published August 15 2007