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D1SCOURSE Archive: October 2007

  • Varner on "The Guarantee"

    Christian Varner is most assuredly a gift to the Maryland football beat writers.\ \ The senior sa... Published October 26 2007

  • Steffy cleared

    Maryland quarterback Jordan Steffy has been cleared to play. There are no lingering effects of hi... Published October 25 2007

  • Burning the shirt

    Fans wail and moan whenever a football program burns a freshman's redshirt - as Maryland will do... Published October 25 2007

  • Guaranteed amusement

    The James Davis Guarantee hasn't gone away (nor will it anytime soon, since there are yet more nu... Published October 25 2007

  • Bubble boys

    Meteorologist Ralph Friedgen got out his super-fun-happy-ultra-fantastic-sublime-awesome doppler... Published October 25 2007

  • Greetings from Gary

    The Maryland men's basketball scrimmage isn't yet underway - heck stretching isn't even done - an... Published October 24 2007

  • Maryland-Navy in 2010 a Go

    Just got word Maryland and Navy will indeed play in football in 2010. More to come in a little bi... Published October 24 2007

  • Steffy to be back?

    Well, Ralph's ACC teleconference appearance was certainly interesting, even if he was a bit terse... Published October 24 2007

  • Tommy Bowden

    Not much from Clemson coach Tommy Bowden on the ACC teleconference. There have been plenty of que... Published October 24 2007

  • Let there be light

    Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski displayed his Midwestern sensibilities when he kept getting... Published October 24 2007

  • Dr. Friedgen-stein

    Figured I'd drop in a chart from this morning's print edition just to further illustrate Maryland... Published October 24 2007

  • Walking wounded

    Although he's only missed one game this season, no one has endured more maladies than Erin Hender... Published October 23 2007

  • Whistling past the graveyard

    Maryland's new addition to its upset graveyard has arrived -- and just in time for Halloween.\ \ ... Published October 23 2007

  • The response to the guarantee

    Resident humorist Dre Moore was one of several Terps who were asked about Clemson tailback James... Published October 23 2007

  • Quick presser update

    It was no surprise injuries dominated the discussion at Ralph Friedgen's weekly press conference... Published October 23 2007

  • James Davis: Clemson's Joe Namath

    Clemson tailback James Davis proclaimed "We're going to win. Guaranteed." yesterday when talking... Published October 23 2007

  • Why don't you stay a while

    Maryland coach Gary Williams couldn't help but take a few subtle shots as he conversed with the m... Published October 23 2007

  • Before and after

    The turnaround time for yesterday's trip to Greensboro (and today's subsequent attempted recovery... Published October 22 2007

  • "The ultimate loose cannon"

    A reporter asked Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt yesterday at the ACC's media day who among the re... Published October 22 2007

  • Fire up ESPNU(navailable)

    Because that's where the Maryland-North Carolina game will be televised next weekend. The kickoff... Published October 22 2007