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D1SCOURSE Archive: September 2007

  • TV update

    Maryland issued a release a few moments ago saying kickoff for the Sept. 29 Rutgers game would be... Published September 17 2007

  • No Rutgers game time yet

    Memo to Maryland fans waiting to find out when the Sept. 29 game at Rutgers kicks off: You won't... Published September 17 2007

  • Taking on water at Navy

    After watching Ball State surprise Navy in overtime last night 34-31, several themes of the Midsh... Published September 16 2007

  • Quick update from Ralph

    Just got off the phone from Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen's Sunday teleconference with beat write... Published September 16 2007

  • Original Hog on the call

    Well, the ACC game of the week is in progress, with Virginia holding a 16-7 lead over North Carol... Published September 15 2007

  • Poke-ing around for a comparison

    Maryland fans, do you know what's worse than losing to a top-five team on national television on... Published September 15 2007

  • Changes coming?

    It seems unlikely coach Ralph Friedgen will throw his hands in the air and start over after last... Published September 14 2007

  • Third down blues

    It's fair to say third down was not Maryland's friend last night. Nor were penalties (more on tha... Published September 14 2007

  • The morning after

    Just finished a detailed statistical breakdown of last night's Maryland-West Virginia game, as we... Published September 14 2007

  • Pregame notes

    A few things to pass along with Maryland out on the field for warmups:\ \ \ Offensive lineman Pau... Published September 13 2007

  • Tailgating central

    One of the luxuries of showing up three hours before kickoff is getting to take in the festivitie... Published September 13 2007

  • Terps in black

    Yep, Maryland is in black jerseys tonight (with white pants) and the students are going nuts. Muc... Published September 13 2007

  • Hustle and bustle in College Park

    Just had dinner -- well, if you consider a bowl of soup and a half-dozen wings dinner -- at one o... Published September 13 2007

  • What more needs to be said?

    The short week means quite simply that more chatter about Maryland's meeting with West Virginia h... Published September 13 2007

  • Thursday night lights

    I'll be honest: I've never been a big fan of Thursday night college football games. Oh, they're c... Published September 12 2007

  • The future of Maryland-West Virginia ...

    ... or West Virginia-Maryland if you prefer. That has been the order on the scoreboard the last t... Published September 12 2007

  • Men in black

    Ralph Friedgen doesn't seem to care one way or another what color jerseys Maryland wears, and it... Published September 11 2007

  • Fun with the depth chart

    There are two tweaks on this week's depth chart. The first is the ever-shifting battle between La... Published September 11 2007

  • Timing differences

    Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen again mentioned the difference in game times that his team and West... Published September 11 2007

  • Keeping the faith

    The Diamondback's Andrew Zuckerman brought up an interesting point during yesterday\0x2019s sessi... Published September 11 2007