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D1SCOURSE Archive: August 2008

  • Splitsville at QB

    What's the closest thing to a platoon Ralph Friedgen has employed since returning to the college game in 1997? Glad you asked. Published August 17 2008

  • Scrimmage drive breakdown

    A look at the numbers from each drive in last night's scrimmage at Maryland Published August 17 2008

  • Linked in: Maryland daily briefing

    It's lots of quarterback talk this morning. What else is new? Published August 17 2008

  • Apocalypse later

    No word on a Maryland quarterback tonight. But it looks like it will happen on Monday. Published August 16 2008

  • AP preseason top 25 released

    Two weeks away from the first full Saturday of college football, the AP offers up its top 25 Published August 16 2008

  • Decision Day? Or Judgment Day?

    A choice could finally be made at quarterback for Maryland tonight. But it won't be the end of the Terps' world. Not even close. Published August 16 2008

  • College football countdown: Nos. 26-30

    A couple Fulmer Cup '08 favorites check in just shy of the top 25. Published August 16 2008

  • Hotel Gossett

    Guess who can turn Maryland's football team house into remote hideaway during camp? Not surprisingly, one of the brightest guys on the roster. Published August 16 2008

  • Linked in: Maryland daily briefing

    Some quick links to start your Saturday. Published August 16 2008

  • College football countdown: Nos. 31-35

    Blog favorite Oregon State pops here, and this might even be too low for the Beavers. Published August 15 2008

  • Six freshmen who could play

    Tailback Davin Meggett and safety Kenny Tate rate among the most likely freshmen to see the field for Maryland. Published August 15 2008

  • Maryland practice rundown

    Morgan Green's hurting again. Dean Muhtadi could be back on Monday. Plus more from College Park. Published August 15 2008

  • Maryland JV update

    Ralph Friedgen provides an answer on whether Maryland's JV games will be open. Published August 15 2008

  • Jamarr's chance

    Jamarr Robinson never held field goals and PATs before this summer. But he'll do whatever it takes to get on the field. Published August 15 2008

  • The glass menagerie

    The sudden jolt shattered the relative calm of the start of Maryland practice today. Published August 15 2008

  • Linked in: Maryland daily briefing

    Here's what people are writing about. Published August 15 2008

  • Maryland and the JV

    Injuries derailed Ralph Friedgen's hopes of playing junior varsity games last year. He'll try to give it a go again this fall. Published August 14 2008

  • Terps QB update

    Will there be a chance to parse Ralph Friedgen's words tonight? Does the current day of the week end in 'y'? Published August 14 2008

  • Muhtadi hurting

    Another defensive lineman is sidelined in College Park Published August 14 2008

  • College football countdown: Nos. 36-40

    Inching ever closer to the preseason top 25. Published August 14 2008