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D1SCOURSE Archive: August 2008

  • Battling server issues

    Yes, Virginia, there are updates from Maryland football practice. It's just really, really touch and go. Published August 11 2008

  • College football countdown: Nos. 56-60

    Did you really think everyone was following the Carolina Media Mafia onto the Tar Heels Express bandwagon this year? Didn't think so. Published August 10 2008

  • Linked in: Maryland daily briefing

    The defense played better in last night's scrimmage. The offense earned all the ink. Published August 10 2008

  • Maryland scrimmage breakdown

    The punt return job is probably settled. Nolan Carroll delivers a pick-six. Davin Meggett rattles off a 50-yard run. And more. Published August 9 2008

  • College football countdown: Nos. 61-65

    Four first-year coaches appear in this interval as the countdown reaches its midpoint. Published August 9 2008

  • Linked in: Maryland daily briefing

    A look at what people are talking about in connection with the Maryland football program Published August 9 2008

  • Odds and ends from College Park

    Nothing impressive from the quarterbacks. Mack Frost sits out for a day. And a slight tweak of the depth chart on the defensive line. All in a day at camp. Published August 8 2008

  • Jersey city

    Whose replica duds are for sale in Maryland's student union? Published August 8 2008

  • A special (teams coach) request

    Jamarr Robinson could be holding kicks. And Danny Pearman could be singing his heart out before camp ends. Published August 8 2008

  • Navy season tickets rise again

    Paul Johnson's legacy at Navy is five straight bowl berths --- and a nearly sold out complement of season tickets. Published August 8 2008

  • Ralph on privacy

    An early camp nugget on players' GPAs and a coach's guaranteed compensation Published August 8 2008

  • College football countdown: Nos. 66-70

    This is Big Ten country. Published August 8 2008

  • Linked in: Maryland daily briefing

    A look around the Internet for Maryland football news. Today, that includes some insight from Italy. Published August 8 2008

  • College Park Crooners

    Step inside the Gossett team house and hear the dulcet tones of Maryland's freshman class. Published August 7 2008

  • Haroon Brown: A man of one awesome hat

    It won't be hard to pick out Haroon Brown as he enters Byrd Stadium on game day: He'll be wearing a pretty sweet hat. Published August 7 2008

  • Terps' alphabet soup

    What will Maryland do to replace the academically ineligible H-back Drew Gloster --- or whatever his position is called now. Published August 7 2008

  • Final flourish on Florida

    Just what has Maryland mined out of Florida in the last decade? Published August 7 2008

  • Spreading some sunshine

    One of the last of the Floridians on Maryland's roster offers his take on a big reason it's tougher for schools outside the state to poach recruits Published August 7 2008

  • College football countdown: No. 71-No. 75

    Look Hoos going to be talking about a low ranking. Published August 7 2008

  • Tracking down a transfer

    Looks like wideout Stephen Smalls landed at Rhode Island Published August 7 2008