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D1SCOURSE Archive: July 2008

  • Sage advice for Cutcliffe

    New Duke coach David Cutcliffe talked with the last man to fare remotely well with the Blue Devils. And Steve Spurrier offered up a tip. Published July 31 2008

  • March of the Penguins (to Comcast Center)

    Add Youngstown State to the list of nonconference opponents visiting Maryland this basketball season. Published July 31 2008

  • The wrong way to be right

    New Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson very well might be successful with his triple option offense. But his record against BCS conference schools while at Navy is no way to argue that point. Published July 31 2008

  • Fun with basketball schedules: Longwood

    The occasional series of 27 basketball schedule breakdowns continues with the lone Division I independent in Maryland/D.C./Virginia: Longwood. Published July 30 2008

  • Lacrosse coaching carousel spins

    The offseason's most intriguing, unexpected hire came at ... Marist? Published July 30 2008

  • (Fund)Raising Maryland

    What's one of football coach Ralph Friedgen's greatest accomplishments at Maryland? Arguably, it's increasing his booster club's fundraising efforts more than tenfold in seven-plus years. Published July 30 2008

  • College football countdown: Nos. 111-115

    There's still a couple more days of triple digits; a couple representatives from Conference USA and the MAC "crack" today's interval. Published July 30 2008

  • The NCAA vs. CBS Sports

    What a surprise --- the NCAA doesn't like the idea of using player names for a fantasy sports game. Oh, the horrors! Published July 30 2008

  • Mosley through --- finally

    Shooting guard Sean Mosley makes it through the NCAA clearinghouse and will join Maryland's basketball program this season. Published July 29 2008

  • A numbers game for Terps basketball

    Anyone interested in what number Maryland's one near-certain newcomer will wear this basketball season? Published July 29 2008

  • Old Spice Classic bracket set

    Georgetown and Maryland are playing in the same event in Orlando this Thanksgiving weekend. But it doesn't seem like a meeting is very likely Published July 29 2008

  • College football countdown: Nos. 116-120

    Sure, it will take 24 days to count down the nation's major college football teams by intervals of five. So let's get started. Published July 29 2008

  • The Friedgen Comedy Hour

    Ralph Friedgen can come up with one-liners better than a lot of folks. He got the season off to a decent start last week. Published July 28 2008

  • Tale of the tape

    ACC football coaches found themselves in comfortable surroundings last week at the ACC Kickoff. But a posh resort and the chance for free golf didn't keep the never-ending question of the conference's quality from popping up. Published July 28 2008

  • Who has a real home-field advantage?

    ACC stadium rankings raised the ire of some fans earlier this month. The real way to solve the bickering is a look at which schools are helped the most playing at home. Published July 27 2008

  • Tackling a big question: Maryland's lack of coverage

    No one in the D.C. area besides the obvious one franchise thinks their team receives enough press. Ralph Friedgen is no different than most --- but perhaps he should be wary of what he wishes for. Published July 25 2008

  • Juggling QBs at The U

    Which ACC school is least likely to settle on a single quarterback this year? Miami is the safest bet. Published July 25 2008

  • Ralph's take on the ACC's injury reporting process

    The ACC has a new injury-reporting policy, but chances are it will indirectly lead to the complete closing of practice at places it isn't already shut down. Here's how. Published July 25 2008

  • Who says the option won't work?

    There might not be anyone --- well, other than Paul Johnson --- who believes the triple option will work at Georgia Tech more than Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry. Published July 25 2008

  • Dipping into the mailbag

    A Navy fan takes issue with an interpretation of Maryland's postseason destination in 2006. Published July 24 2008