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D1SCOURSE Archive: March 2008

  • And somehow it gets better

    Ted Valentine has just arrived courtside at the Pepsi Center. This is huge. It is no secret that... Published March 20 2008

  • Welcome to Paradise: Basketball at 10:25 a.m.

    DENVER --- Really, how much better a setup is there? Basketball in the a.m., Jerry Palm and Gus J... Published March 20 2008

  • Georgetown's cover guy

    \ \ \ If you picked up a local copy of Sports Illustrated today, you'll see Georgetown's DaJaun S... Published March 20 2008

  • The upset picks

    Last year produced an exceptionally chalky tournament, and all of the supposed rules of picking u... Published March 19 2008

  • A little slice of Mile High heaven

    Just arrived at the Pepsi Center a half-hour ago, and here are the early highlights:\ \ \ * I kne... Published March 19 2008

  • Greetings from Denver

    You want a gorgeous view? Drive in from the Denver airport to the city. Of course, you'll get a g... Published March 19 2008

  • A woman's intuition

    My wife has historically done very well in NCAA bracket pools, and told me yesterday that she rea... Published March 19 2008

  • Ryan O'Halloran's picks

    Haven't filled out a bracket yet? Looking for a couple upsets? Here are Ryan O'Halloran's NCAA to... Published March 19 2008

  • -30-

    There is something sort of magical about a 30-win regular season in college basketball.\ \ \ Thin... Published March 19 2008

  • Delayed in Baltimore

    I had an 8:15 flight to Denver today. I won't be leaving until at least 9:15 since the plane is s... Published March 19 2008

  • The All-America Vote

    In addition to the weekly voting privileges that come with being part of the AP poll, there's als... Published March 19 2008

  • When is a lead safe?

    Bill James, the much revered analyst of all things related to stats and baseball, has weighed in... Published March 18 2008

  • Get On The Gus Bus

    Thanks to the good folks at Awful Announcing, we have the broadcaster pairings for the first week... Published March 17 2008

  • Top 40 countdown

    Here's the final one:\ \ \ 1. North Carolina (32-2)\ 2. Memphis (33-1)\ 3. UCLA (31-3)\ 4. Kansas... Published March 17 2008

  • Gary & The NIT

    Well, here's an unofficial head count for today's media session:\ \ \ Washington Post\ Washington... Published March 17 2008

  • Reviewing the NIT picks

    By the time the first quadrant of the NIT field, I already messed up more than the entire NCAA fi... Published March 17 2008

  • Maryland shipped off

    I called two colleagues in my line of work (one who works at my paper, one who works at the cross... Published March 17 2008

  • A day in the life

    So you want to be a sportswriter, huh? Then you'd better be ready for days like yesterday.\ \ \ (... Published March 17 2008

  • Reviewing the picks

    The final bracket was about as good as I've ever done.\ \ \ It still wasn't perfect.\ \ \ I misse... Published March 16 2008

  • NIT Bracketology

    This is the dream scenario: Maryland meets UNC Asheville in the first round. Bring on Kenny Georg... Published March 16 2008