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D1SCOURSE Archive: March 2008

  • Revisiting the preseason ACC picks

    Who says sportswriters don't have accountability?\ \ \ I dredged up the projected records for the... Published March 9 2008

  • Walker, Gregory MIA

    Maryland probably didn't want a Dorenzo Hudson situation on the court tonight.\ \ \ So two guys w... Published March 9 2008

  • A new situation for UMBC

    UMBC has played in three leagues over the last 15 years --- the Big South, the Northeast and the... Published March 9 2008

  • Today's At-Large Board

    NEXT FOUR IN\ \ \ 27. Illinois State\ 28. Kentucky\ 29. Villanova\ 30. Arizona\ \ \ LAST FOUR IN\... Published March 9 2008

  • Bubble Watch '08: 7 Days To Go

    A big flurry of activity. Here's who helped themselves (and hurt Maryland) and vice versa:\ \ \ M... Published March 9 2008

  • Updated ACC tiebreakers

    A look at the seeding situation in the ACC tournament heading into today's final two games: Virgi... Published March 9 2008

  • Heads up

    Ever driven a few hours and felt just a bit drowsy?\ \ \ Here's one way to shake that: Get hit in... Published March 8 2008

  • Jerry Palm on Maryland

    This comes from the cutting room floor of my story for tomorrow, which explores both the bad bubb... Published March 8 2008

  • The ACC: 1987-1995 All-Era

    After taking a shot at three different eras, it's time to move onto 1987-1995. This stretch sho... Published March 8 2008

  • Today's At-Large Board

    In lieu of going with a full bracket over the next few days, here's a look at how the bottom of o... Published March 8 2008

  • Bubble Watch '08: 8 Days To Go

    A light but still significant schedule last night. Here's some quick hitters.\ \ \ The night's bi... Published March 8 2008

  • Lacrosse weekend lookahead

    Just wanted to make a mention of the Virginia-Princeton game that will be simulcast on ESPN tomor... Published March 7 2008

  • Flu shots

    It's been a nasty flu season. And Maryland apparently is taking another hit or two.\ \ \ The Terp... Published March 7 2008

  • Bracket projection: March 7

    Just 10 more days of games before Selection Sunday. ...\ \ \ EAST REGION\ \ \ Raleigh, N.C.\ \ \ ... Published March 7 2008

  • Bubble Watch '08: 9 Days To Go

    A daily review of the teams scrambling for NCAA tournament berths. Maryland fans might want to co... Published March 7 2008

  • ACC tiebreakers

    I think these are right. I think.\ \ \ Someone out there will let me know if it's not. But for la... Published March 6 2008

  • Hull hooks on as Maryland's wideouts coach

    Maryland has its new receivers coach less than a week after Kasey Dunn resigned to pursue an oppo... Published March 6 2008

  • Blown call for Bison fan (updated Friday)

    D.C. attorney Bill Hall is well-known as one of the key players in bringing baseball back to Wash... Published March 6 2008

  • Bubble Watch '08: 10 Days To Go

    A daily review of the teams scrambling for NCAA tournament berths. In general, it was not a good... Published March 6 2008

  • Maryland: No. 5 or No. 6 seed

    Just a quick note on Maryland's ACC tournament outlook.\ \ \ A Maryland victory over Virginia cou... Published March 5 2008