The Washington Times - May 30, 2011, 11:53AM

One of the interesting developments this month was Maryland coach John Tillman‘s decision to reach out to predecessors Dave Cottle and Dick Edell for insight on how they handled the postseason.

With Cottle, Tillman was able to mine some ideas about this specific group of players.


With Edell, he could talk to someone who played on Memorial Day three times.

Trouble was, the Terrapins lost those games in 1995, 1997 and 1998 by an average of 8.7 goals —- a fact Edell quickly pointed out to Tillman.

“I said ‘John, I tried practicing on Sunday. I tried not practicing on Sunday. I can’t give you any help for Monday,’” Edell said. “We thought long and hard after the first one [a 13-9 loss to Syracuse]. I don’t know if we made mistakes. I don’t have the answer. Whatever he does on Monday, he’s on his own. I will counsel people on the semifinals. I don’t have a useful thing to say about the final.”

Edell retired in 2001 after 18 seasons at Maryland. He led the Terps to six final fours, and was later inducted into the national Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

—- Patrick Stevens