The Washington Times - September 11, 2012, 10:05AM

Maryland didn’t make many changes to its special teams between its first two games. In fact, a case can be made an in-game injury forced more tweaks than any decisions the coaching staff made in the previous week.

You can take a look at last week’s rundown here. That can also serve as a decoder for all the numbers rather than clunkily detailing each name again.




No changes here. There’s still five defensive starters and five freshmen, with eight total defensive players and two offensive players in addition to kicker 15-Brad Craddock.


First half: 10-89-86-13/3-12/49-81/82-4/1

Second half: 10-89-86-13/3-12/39-81/82-4/1

Initially, it was the same kickoff coverage team as week one —- six receivers, three tight ends, a tailback and a fullback.

When fullback 49-Tyler Cierski left with an injury against Temple, backup fullback 39-Jeff Hernandez stepped in to place him.


Punter: 18
Snapper: 59
Blockers: 48-89-23-81-21-86-47-41-49

It would appear two of the missing blockers from last week were 21-Sean Davis and 86-David Stinebaugh. It also looks like 41-Marcus Whitfield was added to this unit while 53-L.A Goree was taken out.

While my notes don’t include who replaced Cierski after his injury, coach Randy Edsall indicated Sunday that 20-Anthony Nixon filled the fullback’s role on the punt wall.


Returner: 1

The consensus from three punt returns worth of scribbled notes is that Davis took over a spot from wide receiver 82-Marcus Leak. The rest of the personnel remained the same from the opener.

Maryland also used its safety team on one punt, inserting Diggs while leaving most of the defensive regulars on the field.


Kicker: 15
Holder: 18
Snapper: 59
First half line: 34-89-74-63-59-70-75-81-49
Second half line: 34-89-74-63-59-70-75-81-86

No week-to-week changes, though Stinebaugh subbed in for Cierski after the fullback’s injury.



Didn’t get a great look at this bunch despite multiple opportunities, though it appeared Goree was in at least once in place of where 47-Cole Farrand typically would be. That isn’t a huge surprise; this unit typically uses the defensive regulars, and Goree subbed at times for Farrand.

—- Patrick Stevens