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DeBose Archive: August 2007

  • Law of Club and Fang

    No this isn't a Michael Vick blog. It's about the U.S. Senate ratifying the Law of the Sea Treaty... Published August 29 2007

  • Al-Maliki on the hot seat

    Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is under heat now from at least two politicians and, for at... Published August 24 2007

  • Richardson on the war

    Democrats have talking tough about getting out of Iraq for months now, almost immediately after t... Published August 21 2007

  • Club for Republicans

    The Club for Growth, a pro-business and economic growth advocacy group, appears to be a tad smitt... Published August 21 2007

  • The risk of retiring Republicans

    With so much attention on the presidential election, not much attention is being paid to congress... Published August 16 2007

  • Cheney in '94: Iraq 'quagmire'

    Here's a curious video that was brought to my attention recently. It's an American Enterprise Ins... Published August 14 2007

  • Clinton blasts blogger

    Hillary Clinton yesterday scolded a conservative freelance writer and offered to re-educate him a... Published August 10 2007

  • At the NABJ

    A lot of people here at the National Association of Black Journalists annual convention in Las Ve... Published August 10 2007

  • Investing in youth violence

    Every day we hear on "Dateline," "48 Hours," "The Today Show" and other TV newsmagazines about th... Published August 7 2007

  • Obama's tough talk

    Barack "Barry" Hussein Obama, the "rock star" Democratic presidential candidate, recently took a... Published August 6 2007