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DeBose Archive: September 2007

  • Hillary gets an edge at CBC? Over Obama?

    Well this is certainly interesting -- an e-mail from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation I... Published September 27 2007

  • Better late than ... whenever

    On Monday, the United Auto Workers union went on strike against General Motors.\ \ \ Within hours... Published September 26 2007

  • A 'JFK moment'

    Donald E. Scroggins, president of Republicans for Black Empowerment, says his party needs a reali... Published September 20 2007

  • Lunching for $$$

    In a recent e-mail, John Edwards asks his supporters to "Guess Who's Really Coming To Lunch With... Published September 18 2007

  • Poll: Obama tops Clinton in S.C.

    Barack Obama has surged ahead of Hillary Clinton in popularity among blacks in South Carolina, ac... Published September 14 2007

  • (Military) money talks

    Are Republicans losing their longstanding support among the armed forces? A new report would sugg... Published September 13 2007

  • Doublechecking Edwards' math

    In today's story on Democratic Sen. Barack Obama's plan to pull troops out of Iraq, former Sen. J... Published September 13 2007

  • Republicans resign, Democrats survive

    In light of Idaho's senior Republican Sen. Larry Craig's quick-fast guilty plea to disorderly con... Published September 7 2007

  • Another prosecutor out on a limb?

    In Durham, N.C., today, disgraced former District Attorney Mike Nifong reported for a brief (but... Published September 7 2007

  • Republicans' moral high ground?

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee asks that question in its new online video. \ \ \... Published September 6 2007

  • Mortgage crisis plan

    Several financial gurus have praised President Bush's effort to stem the bleeding market from the... Published September 4 2007