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Dinan Archive: August 2007

  • To succeed Warner

    Can a man who couldn't raise money for a presidential campaign now raise money for a Senate race?... Published August 31 2007

  • This from the man who was wary of a YouTube debate

    Mitt Romney has announced a "Create Your Own Ad" contest, in which he is promising to use the win... Published August 29 2007

  • Romney sounds off on Craig

    Mitt Romney today blasted campaign supporter Sen. Larry Craig, the Idaho Republican who pleaded g... Published August 28 2007

  • The price has gone up

    With just one day until Sen. John McCain's 71st birthday, his presidential campaign has upped the... Published August 28 2007

  • The long arm of Michael Bloomberg

    Does someone who isn't running for president really need a D.C. communications operation?\ \ \ Ne... Published August 24 2007

  • Money USA

    Mitt Romney is winning the fundraising battle in 13 states, the most of any presidential candidat... Published August 23 2007

  • Remember those birthday checks from grandma?

    Well Cindy McCain, Sen. John McCain's wife, sent out an e-mail fundraising pitch today asking the... Published August 23 2007

  • Blogger: Is Thompson a candidate or not?

    A blogger has challenged Fred Thompson's status as an unannounced presidential candidate, saying... Published August 20 2007

  • Birthright citizenship redux

    Following on an earlier post about birthright citizenship, Mitt Romney last week told Michelle Ma... Published August 20 2007

  • Dimpled chads revisited

    My earlier post addressed alleged shenanigans in the actual polling at the Iowa Republican presi... Published August 16 2007

  • Financing campaigns

    Republicans, it turns out, are better at following the campaign finance rules than Democrats -- a... Published August 16 2007

  • Dimpled chads

    It's probably inevitable in the post-Florida 2000 political world, but some folks think this week... Published August 16 2007

  • A straw-poll bounce?

    Mike Huckabee says his presidential campaign has received thousands of new supporters and more th... Published August 15 2007

  • Immigration's critical mass

    Immigration continues to dominate the Republican presidential campaign discussion this week, with... Published August 15 2007

  • A kernel of hope

    More good news for Mike Huckabee out of Iowa -- it appears that his second-place straw poll finis... Published August 15 2007

  • 'Era of cost-free anti-Americanism'

    As Republicans and Democrats debate how to engage world leaders after the Bush administration end... Published August 14 2007

  • Mistakes were made

    Sen. John McCain, in his new book, says one of his "worst decisions" was not calling for the Conf... Published August 14 2007

  • No 'hot button?'

    Tommy Thompson had a lot of pluses, but one big minus -- which is why he dropped out of the Repub... Published August 13 2007

  • Conservative musings

    Social and religious conservatives are reading good things into the results of the Republican p... Published August 13 2007

  • South Carolina survival

    Former South Carolina Gov. David Beasley says he doubts many of the lower-tier Republican preside... Published August 10 2007