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Dinan Archive: November 2007

  • Planted questions mar GOP debate

    Maybe it's time CNN gives up this debate thing.\ \ \ Last night's debate has been marred by the f... Published November 29 2007

  • White men can't bake

    Is baking that bad?\ \ Apparently it's something Republican men won't be caught dead doing, at le... Published November 27 2007

  • The untold story of Trent Lott's downfall

    While it may have been President Bush's shot that killed Trent Lott's bid to hold onto the Senate... Published November 27 2007

  • That was then, this is now

    Just for fun, here's President Bush's statement today on Trent Lott, who announced he will resign... Published November 26 2007

  • Huck bluffing about tax past, says FactCheck

    Mike Huckabee has found himself on the defensive against charges that he was a tax-raiser during... Published November 21 2007

  • Cracks are starting to show

    When Democrats won control of Congress many of the immigrant rights groups were certain they woul... Published November 21 2007

  • Is Florida now solidly red?

    Despite being the ultimate "purple" state in 2000, Florida appears to have solidly trended red si... Published November 21 2007

  • Huckabee's milestone

    I'm not sure how he did it, but Mike Huckabee appears to have met the campaign fundraising goal h... Published November 21 2007

  • Giuliani's gun control do-over

    Rudy Giuliani was the first campaign to react to the Supreme Court's decision today to hear the c... Published November 20 2007

  • Another tough guy digs Huck

    Mike Huckabee continues to add up the tough-guy endorsements with today's announcement that Ric F... Published November 20 2007

  • Florida primary polling

    A new Rasmussen Reports survey gives Rudy Giuliani a decent-sized lead in Florida's Republican pr... Published November 20 2007

  • And the winners are ...

    The University of Mississippi, Belmont University and Hofstra University will each host president... Published November 19 2007

  • Hunting, fishing and Huckabee

    Mike Huckabee has been named one of Outdoor Life's 25 most influential people in hunting and fish... Published November 19 2007

  • Flip-Floppery

    The DNC's Mitt Romney Flip Flop kit petered out pretty badly.\ \ \ Just 14 bidders submitted a to... Published November 19 2007

  • McCain's anger management tour

    Sen. John McCain, whose temper is famous in political circles, is turning the tables and telling... Published November 19 2007

  • Rudy, in first TV spot, reminds us he was mayor

    Rudy Giuliani is finally running his first television commercial of the Republican presidential c... Published November 14 2007

  • Ron Paul's 'Money bomb' 2.0

    Ron Paul's supporters are preparing for a Tea Party — the campaign's next major fundraising... Published November 12 2007

  • Mitt tops Fred

    A new Rasmussen poll finds that voters see Mitt Romney as a conservative candidate more than Fred... Published November 12 2007

  • Democrats' Romney gag hardly worth a giggle

    After Mitt Romney this week asked supporters to auction off their used junk and donate the procee... Published November 9 2007

  • What Republicans lost

    Yesterday's elections will prove costly to Republicans for years.\ \ \ These were the first elect... Published November 7 2007