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Dinan Archive: October 2007

  • Giuliani: A step back from Bush on immigration?

    Rudy Giuliani told business leaders yesterday it's not their responsibility to monitor illegal al... Published October 31 2007

  • Hillary: Unfair critics played 'gotcha'

    Republicans who have been looking for the hole in Hillary Rodham Clinton's armor-plated campaign... Published October 31 2007

  • Law of the Sea

    Heading into tomorrow's committee vote on the Law of the Sea convention, all of the major Republi... Published October 30 2007

  • It's Romney and the rest

    A new University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll says the Republican field for that state's caucuses boils d... Published October 29 2007

  • McCain's latest acrobatics

    His campaign was unable to return calls for my story, but apparently Sen. John McCain has now fli... Published October 26 2007

  • 'I see red people'

    This gem from Associated Press' new poll on ghosts: By 31 percent to 18 percent, more liberals th... Published October 26 2007

  • McCain opposes Dream Act without voting

    As a follow on yesterday's Dream Act vote tally, John McCain today told bloggers he opposed the m... Published October 25 2007

  • Give ... because he's given

    He's used his birthday to raise money. He's had his mother use his birthday to raise money. \ \ \... Published October 25 2007

  • Rudy's Red Sox flip-flop

    After repeatedly refusing to change positions on issues dear to conservative Republicans, Rudy Gi... Published October 25 2007

  • 'Dream' fails: 8 votes short, won't see Senate

    The Dream Act was blocked on a 52-44 vote today, falling eight votes short of the 60 needed to br... Published October 24 2007

  • A fresh look at Huckabee

    With Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign surging, expect a renewed look at the former Arkansas... Published October 24 2007

  • How Ron Paul sees himself stacking up

    Ron Paul's campaign is making the argument the he alone among the Republican presidential field c... Published October 24 2007

  • Thompson's immigration plan

    Fred Thompson has just announced his own immigration plan today, and from the looks of it, he's t... Published October 23 2007

  • The phantom Hispanic voter backlash

    The GOP has less to fear from a Latino backlash than some claim, says Steven Malanga, a senior fe... Published October 22 2007

  • The hammer comes down

    The Republican National Committee has ruled that five states are in violation of the party's prim... Published October 22 2007

  • Anyone but the other guy

    The most important results from this weekend's Values Voter Summit straw poll may be those for "a... Published October 22 2007

  • Rudy reassures conservatives on abortion

    Rudy Giuliani this morning told religious conservatives gathered here in Washington he shares the... Published October 20 2007

  • Brownback unbound

    Sam Brownback may have saved his best political speech for the day he ends his presidential campa... Published October 19 2007

  • Blame the courts

    There's too much money in politics, and the problem, it turns out, is the Supreme Court.\ \ \ Tha... Published October 18 2007

  • Ron Paul's stashed cash

    Ron Paul has been stockpiling his campaign cash, and his campaign says he's now in such a good fi... Published October 17 2007