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Dinan Archive: September 2007

  • New Hampshire turns up the pressure

    New Hampshire yesterday announced a Nov. 2 deadline for presidential candidates to get on the bal... Published September 29 2007

  • Immigration flip-flop finale

    Presidential candidate Sen. Sam Brownback last night completed his ongoing transition on immigrat... Published September 28 2007

  • The blessing (or curse) of Pete Wilson

    Rudy Giuliani today collected the endorsement of former California Gov. Pete Wilson, but it's unc... Published September 27 2007

  • The winner is ...

    Ryan Whitaker, a 23-year-old student from Provo, Utah, whose campaign commercial won Mitt Romney'... Published September 27 2007

  • Tread lightly, Rudy

    Rudy Giuliani met privately today with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and, according to Associate... Published September 26 2007

  • Tuesday morning quarterback

    When former Sen. George Allen, son of a former Redskins coach and a college football player himse... Published September 25 2007

  • Is Ted Stevens vulnerable?

    The Club for Growth, notorious pot-stirrers, are back, and stirring like crazy -- this time press... Published September 24 2007

  • Do as they say, not as I do

    Or, put another way, if he's good enough for these folks, that should be good enough for you.\ \ ... Published September 21 2007

  • I'll see your outrage, and raise you ...

    Not to be outdone by Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani, who have already expressed their feelings abo... Published September 20 2007

  • Presidential material?

    Rudy Giuliani yesterday showed the rest of the presidential field how to handle saying something... Published September 20 2007

  • Values Voters

    Despite a gaffe that showed he's not yet familiar with Washington-speak on abortion, Republican p... Published September 19 2007

  • Why Mukasey?

    In the end President Bush didn't tap Ted Olson for attorney general, instead preferring a candida... Published September 17 2007

  • Rudy Runs Right at Rodham

    -- Hillary Rodham Clinton, that is -- with his newest attack.\ \ \ It's a Web ad Rudy Giuliani ha... Published September 14 2007

  • Rudy has an eye for talent

    Why does President Bush seem to want to keep raiding Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign for to... Published September 14 2007

  • Just the two of us

    Rudy Giuliani is turning next year's presidential election into a two-person affair, ignoring his... Published September 13 2007

  • Who's got the insiders' track?

    All those Republicans who say they are begging for Hillary Rodham Clinton to be the Democrats' pr... Published September 13 2007

  • Tax-Hike Mike

    The lesson for today is: Never get on the Club for Growth's bad side.\ \ \ Presidential candidate... Published September 12 2007

  • Mel Martinez under fire

    Democrats are marveling at the lack of clout of Sen. Mel Martinez, President Bush's hand-picked m... Published September 11 2007

  • Web hits: Yeah, but how many were reporters?

    Fred Thompson's campaign says that in the first 18 hours of his official campaign his new Web sit... Published September 7 2007

  • Entertaining Giuliani

    Does Rudy have a lock on the entertainment industry?\ \ \ From the news of the past few days, you... Published September 6 2007