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Dinan Archive: August 2008

  • Do over

    The Obama campaign seeks to put out a more measured statement on new Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin Published August 29 2008

  • Democrats see disunity in GOP

    It's not Obama vs. Hillary, but Democrats point reporters to a potential problem for the GOP among evangelicals. Published August 29 2008

  • If it's Lieberman...

    A group has a deal for Joe Lieberman, if he is John McCain's vice presidential pick: agree to caucus with Republicans for the rest of the year. Published August 28 2008

  • Joe Biden: Zero to hero

    Dave Barry on the magic of a political convention Published August 27 2008

  • Hillary packs the house

    Hillary Clinton was such a draw at Democrats' convention tonight that fire marshals closed down the hall. Published August 27 2008

  • Hillary Clinton and loser speeches

    The most memorable speeches at political conventions often come not from the victors but the losers — those who came in second in their effort to win their party's nomination Published August 26 2008

  • Obama doesn't have quite the same crossover appeal

    Democrats showcase a Republican maverick on convention night one, but they're probably targeting the wrong voters. Published August 26 2008

  • Tom DeLay and legal technicalities

    The Austin American-Statesman is reporting Monday morning that Tom DeLay's lawyer says he thinks he can get all the charges dismissed against his client based on a ruling in a related case that Texas law didn't ban money laundering using checks, only cash. Published August 25 2008

  • Evangelical forum: The winners

    Obama and McCain both did what they needed to do, but the winner was moderator Rick Warren and the voters. Published August 17 2008

  • The perils of being popular

    Cindy McCain sprains her hand shaking hands. Published August 13 2008

  • McCain hasn't signed

    Senate Republicans are stiffening spines for what could be the final showdown on expanding offshore oil drilling, but Sen. John McCain has not yet signed on. Published August 12 2008

  • Exxon John

    Democrats are betting that ties to oil companies can take a chunk out of John McCain's recent success on energy policy. Published August 12 2008

  • With enemies like this, McCain doesn't need friends

    John McCain's campaign puts out a Web video with top Democrats fawning over him. Published August 7 2008

  • Inflating tires, and other things

    Inflation-gate: The latest in the back-and-forth heats over Barack Obama's suggestion that consumers save gasoline by inflating their tires. Published August 6 2008

  • McCain: Wrinkly white-haired guy

    Paris Hilton fires back at the wrinkly white-haired guy, as she calls John McCain, for his use of her in his attack ad — and McCain says it's an endorsement anyway. Published August 5 2008

  • Locking Obama in

    John McCain's campaign has helpfully decided to defend Barack Obama, arguing reporters should believe the Democrat when he says he opposes expanded offshore drilling. Published August 5 2008

  • The NASCAR standard

    In need of backup, the Obama campaign turns to NASCAR. Published August 4 2008

  • Something to be proud of?

    Pride is one thing Democrats say McCain should not feel when it comes to his Paris Hilton-Britney Spears-Barack Obama commercial. Published August 1 2008