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Dinan Archive: January 2008

  • Huckabee hard to pin down on citizenship

    I don't know why birthright citizenship keeps tripping Mike Huckabee up, but it does.\ \ \ He was... Published January 31 2008

  • Pork in the Animal House

    In one of the classic scenes in the movie Animal House, the Delta boys are on trial for their fra... Published January 30 2008

  • Giuliani's collapse

    For months pundits told us this year was different. The calendar was too compressed, the big stat... Published January 30 2008

  • What makes a Republican hand a candidate cash?

    Before there are voters, there has to be money to tell the voters about your campaign. So candida... Published January 29 2008

  • McCain on Romney's 'timetables'

    John McCain thinks he's found Mitt Romney's soft point.\ \ \ The senator's campaign went into ove... Published January 28 2008

  • Celebrity-endorser death match: Stallone vs. Norri

    We should have seen this fight coming when news hit yesterday that Sylvester Stallone was backing... Published January 25 2008

  • Campaign money-ball

    Year-end 2007 campaign finance reports are due to the Federal Election Commission a week from tod... Published January 24 2008

  • Hunter for Huckabee

    Duncan Hunter, who dropped out of the presidential race over the weekend, today endorsed Mike Huc... Published January 23 2008

  • Where do all the Fred-heads go?

    So far, Mitt Romney is winning overwhelming support, according to a poll at FreeRepublic.com, whi... Published January 23 2008

  • Breaking: Fred Thompson drops out

    As an update to my earlier blog today wondering what Fred was up to, he has dropped out. Now the... Published January 22 2008

  • Romney, McCain hot; everyone else, not so much

    One way to tell who's running a broad-based campaign is to look at total votes scored across all... Published January 22 2008

  • What is Fred up to?

    Fred Thompson has been awful quiet since his third-place showing in South Carolina. After saying... Published January 22 2008

  • Give and take

    Mike Huckabee figures the best way to receive is to give.\ \ \ His new fundraising pitch includes... Published January 21 2008

  • Ron Paul's votes

    Ron Paul's campaign is chafing over his continuing to be relegated to lower-tier status. His camp... Published January 16 2008

  • Draft Lou Dobbs?

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC says the top Republican candidates are so bad on the issue of... Published January 16 2008

  • Head-to-head, who has the edge?

    With candidates picking and choosing where they compete, this year's Republican primaries and cau... Published January 16 2008

  • Potential Fred Thompson endorsement still a myster

    An intriguing post over at National Review's The Corner from last night suggests that even if Fre... Published January 11 2008

  • The telling number from New Hampshire

    Many of those voters who favored John McCain tonight had to hold their noses, according to MSNBC'... Published January 8 2008

  • South Carolina shenanigans

    Sen. John McCain already is worried about having to face a repeat of his South Carolina primary d... Published January 8 2008

  • Hucka-bama

    Both Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama, the two men who won their party caucuses in Iowa yesterday,... Published January 4 2008