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Dinan Archive: July 2008

  • Ron Paul adds firepower

    The counter-convention to Republicans' St. Paul bash will feature former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura and country musician Rocky Lynne. Published July 31 2008

  • McCain jumps the shark

    The new ad linking Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton earns McCain the sort of attention he can't get from the traditional press. Published July 31 2008

  • Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Barack Obama?

    That's the association the McCain camp wants voters to have. Published July 30 2008

  • McCain flips back on taxes

    Tax cuts and tax increases continue to trip up John McCain Published July 28 2008

  • The next McCain ad?

    There's still plenty to mine in Barack Obama's decision not to meet with wounded troops, and we probably got a sneak peak today at what John McCain's next ad will be. Published July 28 2008

  • McCain's charge 'sheiky'

    Sen. John McCain's charge that Sen. Barack Obama's Iraq strategy would have led to the death of key sheiks is a tough sell. Published July 25 2008

  • A Colorado Republican resurgence?

    After appearing to be all but dead in Colorado, Republicans see a glimmer of hope in a new poll. Published July 24 2008

  • After eight years, the best Bushie

    Paul Weyrich asks who in the Bush administration lived up to the promise. Published July 24 2008

  • Obama drops his father

    What relates better to Hispanics, an immigrant father or an absentee father? For Barack Obama, the answer is an absentee father. Published July 23 2008

  • Ron Paul rallies

    The maverick Republican announces his own plans for a counter-convention in Minneapolis during the Republican convention in St. Paul. Published July 22 2008

  • Pastor Hagee returns

    Joe Lieberman's appearance with pastor John Hagee could raise all the old questions. Published July 21 2008

  • Drill for oil, drill for votes

    McCain says a vote for him is a vote for drilling Published July 21 2008

  • Gramm is out

    Phil Gramm resigns as a McCain co-chairman Published July 18 2008

  • The war in Afghanistan, played out in Washington

    DeMint goes after Obama, Biden defends Obama, press goes after McCain, McCain goes after Obama Published July 18 2008

  • Gramm's doghouse days are over

    Phil Gramm is back in good graces at the McCain campaign after last week's blunt comments. Published July 18 2008

  • Protesters may actually benefit McCain

    The Code Pink protesters who are dogging Sen. John McCain may actually be helping him with some voters. Published July 15 2008

  • McCain may not push for new border security bill

    Top adviser says McCain can't prejudge, will have to look at facts on the ground when he takes office. Published July 14 2008

  • What would Bob Dole do?

    When you want to know how McCain would handle a situation, just ask yourself what Bob Dole would do. Published July 3 2008

  • McCain shakeup part II

    A year after he ousted his two top campaign officials, John McCain is shaking things up again. Published July 2 2008

  • A "jarring" decision

    Sen. John McCain grabs the lifeline the Supreme Court tosses him. Published July 1 2008