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Dinan Archive: June 2008

  • McCain camp: 'Shocked and disappointed'

    Not only has the McCain campaign found an opening to blast Sen. Barack Obama for Gen. Wesley Clark's comments over the weekend, but it's given them the opportunity to brag about McCain's extensive military career. Published June 30 2008

  • Is McCain pandering on immigration?

    John McCain today told one of the nation's largest Hispanic rights groups he supported the 1986 amnesty — but he didn't. Published June 28 2008

  • A curious question of bipartisanship

    While trying to say something about Barack Obama and bipartisanship, John McCain's campaign has actually given us a key insight into McCain himself. Published June 27 2008

  • McCain distances himself from campaign finance

    John McCain wants voters to know he shouldn't be blamed for the campaign finance provisions the Supreme Court struck down today. Published June 26 2008

  • Immigration is still alive — for Republicans

    Those who say immigration has lost its sting as a political issue need only look at last night's Republican primary in Utah Published June 25 2008

  • McCain - Barr = Obama

    The math says Bob Barr could help Barack Obama steal a state or two in November Published June 20 2008

  • The polls giveth ...

    And they taketh away — at least in Florida, where a new survey now shows John McCain comfortably ahead. Published June 19 2008

  • Death to bin Laden

    But how he dies has become a dividing point for the presidential candidates. Published June 19 2008

  • McCain trapped by Obama's finances

    By opting out of taxpayer financing, Obama is following McCain's principles better than McCain himself. Published June 19 2008

  • Rumsfeld won't back McCain

    The former defense secretary stays out of the campaign. Published June 19 2008

  • McCain's battle

    Early polling shows the hill McCain has to climb. Published June 18 2008

  • McCain gets a helping hand

    McCain's challenge to Obama on town halls will soon begin to pay off. Published June 13 2008

  • Tax record catches up with McCain

    Obama's tax plan matches McCain's rhetoric better than McCain's own plan. Published June 12 2008

  • The ebb and flow of McCain's support for Bush

    McCain tries to get back in Bush's good graces Published June 11 2008

  • Are Republicans still sick?

    The major question among congressional Republicans and Republican strategists is whether their party has yet come to terms with the sickness that has afflicted it for years.. Published June 5 2008

  • McCain's rhetoric and the immigration debate

    On a blogger conference call yesterday John McCain was asked about his tone during the recent immigration debates, with the questioner accusing him of adopting the language of those who called conservatives bigots. Published June 5 2008

  • Does friendly fire hurt the candidates?

    Republicans this morning launched a well-planned attack on Barack Obama using statements fellow Democrats have made questioning his readiness for the presidency — all fair game, but it raises the question why such an attack never worked for Democrats against John McCain. Published June 4 2008