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Dinan Archive: October 2008

  • Obama's big (carbon) footprint

    When it comes to greenhouse gases, Barack Obama is dirtier than John McCain. Published October 30 2008

  • McCain campaign goes flat

    Let the metaphors begin — after having one campaign event canceled because of rain, John McCain's SUV suffered a flat tire on the way to his next event in North Carolina. Published October 28 2008

  • Palin finally speaks on immigration, supports path to citizenship

    Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says she supports John McCain's position on immigration, including a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Published October 26 2008

  • "Donate it to the Smithsonian"

    John McCain says Barack Obama's already-written draft inaugural address belongs in the Smithsonian next to "Dewey Defeats Truman" newspaper. Published October 25 2008

  • Drill, baby, drill

    Michael Steele's words of wisdom follow John McCain's campaign Published October 25 2008

  • Obama gaffes have written McCain stump speech

    At this point John McCain's standard campaign stump speech is almost entirely based on gaffes by Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Published October 23 2008

  • McCain campaign events need a droopy-drawers rule

    Young men in N.H. this morning with M-A-V-E-R-I-C-K spelled on their chests had a droopy drawers problem. Published October 22 2008

  • Bringing the surge back into the discussion

    A third-party group expands its attacks on Barack Obama and the war on terror to Colorado and Ohio. Published October 20 2008

  • McCain's Hispanic strategy failing

    A new poll of Hispanic voters finds Barack Obama is clobbering John McCain. Published October 20 2008

  • Joe the Plumber for Congress?

    Despite being arrears in taxes and potentially in violation of license laws for being a plumber — or maybe because of that — some folks say Joe the Plumber, real name Joe Wurzelbacher, is needed in Congress. Published October 17 2008

  • Would the GOP disenfranchise Joe the Plumber?

    The Ohio Democratic Party says a Republican lawsuit to try to clean the voter rolls in Ohio could end up snaring Joe the Plumber. Published October 17 2008

  • 'Joe the Plumber' is here to stay

    John McCain wasted little time in further elevating "Joe the Plumber," taking the newest unlikely political star's case to voters in Pennsylvania today. Published October 16 2008

  • McCain and Keating: 'Till death do us part'

    In 1986 John McCain wrote an apology note to Charles H. Keating Jr. for his Senate campaign having overstepped its bounds. Keating responded with a handwritten note — addressed to "senator," seven months before McCain won his Senate seat — telling him not to sweat it, "I'm yours till death do us part." Published October 9 2008

  • "Barack Obama's friend tried to kill my family."

    The McCain campaign has released a statement from John M. Murtaugh, who as a child had his house firebombed by the Weather Underground and who links the group's founder, William Ayers, to Barack Obama. Published October 8 2008

  • McCain also said U.S. troops killed civilians

    John McCain in 2000 said because of tactical decisions U.S. troops were put in the position of killing civilians in Kosovo — something awfully similar to the comments for which he's now attacking Barack Obama. Published October 7 2008

  • Obama leaves a bigger deficit

    A new analysis says Barack Obama would save less, and leave the country with a deeper deficit, by 2013. Published October 6 2008

  • Ben Stein: Bailout the beginning of socialism

    Hollywood actor and conservative star Ben Stein is no fan of the Wall Street bailout, and tells my colleague, David Eldridge, it's the beginning of American Socialism. Published October 2 2008