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Dinan Archive: September 2008

  • McCain and the foreign leaders quiz

    John McCain's fumble recalls memories of an earlier Republican candidate being stumped on the names of foreign leaders. Published September 27 2008

  • Count him in

    Bob Barr says he'll be glad to take John McCain's seat if the Republican follows through on his vow to skip Friday's debate. Published September 25 2008

  • John McCain went to Bermuda...

    ... and all I got was this lousy survival kit? Published September 23 2008

  • The moment Republicans have been waiting for?

    The financial sector mess has freed conservatives up to be as brutal as they want to be in attacking the Bush administration. Published September 22 2008

  • Using Hugo Chavez against Obama

    The McCain campaign is out today with a Spanish-language television commercial attacking Barack Obama for his willingness to meet with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Published September 19 2008

  • 35 days and counting

    Wondering how long it's been since John McCain held a press conference? The Democratic National Committee has set up a clock to keep track. Published September 18 2008

  • Does this mean Obama is fired?

    Donald Trump endorses John McCain. Published September 18 2008

  • Can McCain expand the playing field?

    After all the speculation of Democrats' expanded playing field this year, a new poll suggests John McCain may be the one making inroads. Published September 16 2008

  • Does someone have a drinking problem?

    In the midst of everything else, now advocates for tap water (yes, apparently there is such an organization) are upset that both John McCain and Barack Obama use bottled water. Published September 15 2008

  • McCain blames Obama for killing immigration

    In a new Spanish-language ad, John McCain says Barack Obama isn't on the side of immigrants, blaming Obama "and his congressional allies" for efforts "that made immigration reform fail." Published September 12 2008

  • Huckabee tells McCain to cool it

    In an e-mail to supporters Mike Huckabee, who was praised for fighting a clean nomination battle with John McCain, is calling on Republicans and Democrats to cut the carping and get back to issues. Published September 10 2008

  • First a pig, now Pontius Pilate?

    There's not much question the gloves are off in the presidential contest — it's just too bad the fighting is over who said what about who, and when and why. Published September 10 2008

  • The biggest porkers

    The McCain folks must have forgotten to do the math, because they're still accusing Barack Obama of requesting more than $1 million in earmarks for each day he's been in the Senate — even though Alaska's daily average is even higher. Published September 9 2008

  • Community organizers fight back

    Following Republicans' repeated attacks, community organizers today are fighting back, saying they really do matter. Published September 4 2008

  • Tonight's convention lineup

    Among the speakers at tonight's final session of the Republican National Convention are plenty of John McCain's Senate buddies. Published September 4 2008

  • Giuliani will speak

    Contrary to reports, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani will have a speaking role here at the convention, just not tonight. Published September 2 2008

  • Tying Obama to congressional Democrats

    Democrats have been successful in tying John McCain to President Bush. Now Republicans think they can bring Barack Obama down by tying him to unpopular Democrats in Congress. Published September 2 2008